Monday, August 31, 2009


Its been a long time since merdeka was this quiet.

Sadly, it doesnt feel like independence day. with the street decoration at the barest minimum, i can even count the flags & the banners. theres no excitement in the air, the merdeka promos & activities are few and far between and theres hardly anything that differentiates today from any other public hols.

[apart from the mandatory countdown & parade of course]

Oh i agree, we shouldnt need external trappings to feel the joy of independence, that it should come from the heart. but with the nation at such a disheartened state right now, it would certainly help things along.

Anyway, in the spirit of merdeka, i huffed & puffed to 8k ;)

Then it was back to minding the household. With the Cikgu scheduled to leave for lipis by 4pm and having my bros over for iftar, it promised to be a quite a busy day. leaving by 4 means the cikgu would need his stuff ready by noon and getting his stuff ready would usually require a trip to the mall. there'll also be the extra cleaning & cooking with the bros coming. and with only this pair of hands on me i needed some sort of plan. first, focus on cikgu's needs and once he leaves, focus on having guests for iftar.

Hah.. so much for planning!!!

AF didnt get up until after 2pm, the result of staying up all nite fiddling with his phone and laptop. we didnt get to shop till about 3pm and ended up stuck at tesco till almost 6pm. by that time my bros had already arrived and it was a good thing i'd already cooked fish curry and black pepper mushroom chicken while waiting for cikgu to join the land of the living.

I wanted to stop at one of my fav haunts and buy additional dishes to spice up my dinner table but time wasnt on my side. so in desperation i ended up buying a barrel of kfc before leaving tesco. at least it would make the nieces & nephew happy and hopefully, the bros wont brand me a lazy akak lol.

[have i ever mentioned the fact that nico is also a huge fan of the colonel?]


By the time we reached home it was already 6.30pm, less than an hour away from maghrib and definitely long past the original 4pm. i cant tell you enough how much i hate the thought of my son driving down to lipis, or anywhere for that matter, after nitefall. the very idea gives me nightmares. its not his driving that worries me, its mechanical failure.. and the fact that i just dont like to tempt providence.

But after a long & heated discussion with the cikgu & my bros, i concurred that it was probably best that the cikgu left after iftar & solat.

Which he did and is now alhamdulillah, safe in lipis and probably in the middle of a class.

I'm glad he stayed because having my bros & family around always liven things up for us. tak kering gusi dengan gelagat cik bree, mat cahir & cik fifie. although we're all here in the klang valley (except my sis who's back in trengganu with her mom; my stepmom), we seldom get to meet due to commitments & crazy work schedule. thats why theres always much rejoicing when we do :)

My youngest bro had gone back to trengganu recently and brought me some duku and keropok gote (lekor). the boys even had with them 6 bottles of 'nira' or in trengganu speak 'tuak' which isnt 'tuak' per se. seems that in trengganu, 'nira' is referred to as 'tuak', while the usual 'tuak' is already considered 'arak'. confusing? heh, dont ask me, i'm already easily confused as it is lol.

We ate, talked, goofed around and ate & talked summore. it turned out to be a very good day :)

[but still missing you la abe!!]

Workout Log
AM - 8km/60mins/TSA


Anonymous said...

keropok gote? First time I dengar. :D

Justiffa said...

Haza, thats actually the 'kelantanese' side of me hehehe (courtesy of my hubs).. kalau org trengganu its 'kepok lekor' ;)

i think 'gote' in reference to 'gentel' or 'gontel' kot :)

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