Monday, August 17, 2009


..or berlari santai was what i did this morning :)

"Hello makcik.. but you've been doing just that all this time what"

I guess i have but the thing is, although i run as slow (and as ungainly) as a penguin, i've never actually considered it as jogging because to me, jogging is when you're able to cruise along effortlessly without a care in the world. for me it has always been an uphill battle and even after 5 years of pounding the pavement, my 4k runs still remain a challenge.

(thats why you & your marathons are such an inspiration to me haza hehehe)

So berlari santai constantly eludes me. there are days when fatigue sets in and its a struggle to finish. and theres always something or other pushing me, mocking me.. be it time (tic toc tic toc.. sempat ke nak punch in nanti), my own evil self (woi makcik apa terhegeh2 je ni) or the track itself (still a looong ways to go ngeh ngeh).

But today, for some unexplainable reason, i was able to block out everything and just cruised along.

Heh.. it was such a peaceful run :)

Maybe i was early and had time to spare. maybe it was the void left behind by golfman. maybe its the calming thought of ramadhan. but whatever it was i'm hoping to recapture the moment because although i was much slower than usual (a fast walker could've easily overtaken me lol) and didnt sweat as much, i still feel good and thats the main thing.

So howzabout a jog round the park people ;)

Workout Log
AM - 4k/35mins/TSA

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