Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Konvokesyen ke 11 UPSI

After 6 loooong years, AF & his cohorts finally graduated!!

Woo hooo.. Congrats CIKGUs :D

AF & his gf attended the rehearsal yesterday and was confident that all would go well; that even though registration was scheduled to start at 8.30am there wasnt any need to stay overnite. i, on the other hand had my doubts because living next door to UiTM have exposed me to the mad crowd & the berduyun2 of cars each time convo came round.

What if there was a traffic jam going into TM? the toll there is small and the exit narrow. what if we were to get stuck there for a good hour.. or two? what if it got so bad that AF would've to make a mad dash for it with robe all rumpled & top askew? or worse still, what if he was to miss his convo altogether?

With all these thoughts going through my head i didnt really get any sleep and was up pretty early. i was up early, yes... but getting the kiddoes ready was another matter!! if i had me a spade i would've 'dug' them out of their beds in a sec, but i didnt and even with me yakking & nagging (and pulling my hair almost out of their roots) we only managed to leave shah alam by 7.15!!

Hah.. here i was already living out my nightmare!!

With a warning to the kiddoes to buckle up and with AF's speed trap 'beeper' on hand, i just floored the pedal and was at UPSI's carpark with plenty of time to spare.

No, there wasnt even a hint of a jam anywhere. traffic was at a minimum and it seemed like your average working day. no, there wasnt any need to sweat it out because the parking was close to the hall and there was plenty to go round. no, there wasnt any jostling or crowding at any one time because the staff & security from UPSI was always close at hand. in fact the whole ceremony was carried out in an quiet & orderly manner.

Kudos to UPSI :)

Pak Lah was there as a recipient of the Ijazah Falsafah Kehormat. personally, i didnt really appreciate his speech nor see the need for such a long and rambling discourse. dah lama tak berucap kot.

The blast of heat greeting the grads & family immediately upon exiting the hall was in sharp contrast to the coolness of the hall. in fact it actually felt like a heatwave and the crowd outside was already growing more anxious & restless by the minute. fortunately the flower bouquets and gifts for the grads werent any worse for wear and it was indeed a colourful and joyous atmosphere outside the hall when it changed hands :)

AH bearing colourful goodies

check out the double decker songkok!!

Opting for a quick getaway, we had lunch at our favourite Seafood Garden restaurant before returning to campus for AF's studio pics and grad robe drop-0ff. by that time everyone was pooped and during the drive back i had for my entertainment, the symphony of snores, snorts & grunts ekekeh.

But the heat & excitement must've been a bit too much for the Cikgu bcos he developed a migraine and had to cancel his drive back to lipis. i'm sure rest & meds will get him back on his feet again, insyallah.


Ordinary Superhero said...

Congrats to your AF. [Got speed trap beeper eh? Wow]

Justiffa said...

OS - thx will let him know. about the beeper thingy, bukan apa, its just an indicator of possible 'hotspots' thru his gps je :)

arin said...

good job faiz....


Justiffa said...

Ariiiin... bila nak balik? kim salam kat ur bro & kat k :D

(aduuuuh lapo la.. bila la aunty nk dapat makan nasi minyak ni heheheh)