Thursday, August 20, 2009

Its almost here

.. and i have to decide how best to handle it without golfman around.

AH says she prefers performing the solat/tarawih at the state mosque rather than the community surau because although the surau has a friendlier atmosphere, its always close to bursting. the state mosque on the other hand has more room to maneuver and parking's a lot easier too. the only setback is that going to the loo requires a lot more time & effort than usual because the restrooms as well as the ablution areas are quite a distance away.

AI might have nite classes but there're always the other times when he'll be free. maybe on certain bz days he can also take over abah's role as imam at home.


We'll surely miss the jemaah sessions with golfman and his 'bullet train' tarawih heheh.

I've also adjusted my working hours to suit the fasting month. i'll be going back to the WP2 group of 8am - 5pm in september (the system doesnt cater to mid month changes). being home earlier would mean more time to get iftar ready.. but even so, without golfman around, i dont think i'll be doing that much cooking anyway. i've thrown the idea to the kids that they get to choose 1 prefered dish each for iftar be it home cooked or bought, and thats it.. we're going to minimise wastage this year.

On a more personal level, i'm hoping to stay energised throughout the nites so that my solat & recitation will be more than previous years. if its one thing i'm sure of, the equation more food=more energy does not hold true during ramadhan. the more i eat, the sleepier i get and thus the more useless.

[Pegi balik pegi ba
lik pasal makan jugak kan.. so kena la hati2]

I hope the kiddoes will weather it well.. especially with the threat of virulent viruses everywhere we turn.

golfman's wallet ;)

AF - sweetheart, you're the type of person who grows wherever you're planted so ma tak la risau sangat, cuma rindu je nak makan semeja.
Abe - i'm not too worried about you either my darling.. you have enough petai stock to carry you into syawal hehehe.

Workout Log
AM - 4k/28mins/TSA

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