Thursday, August 13, 2009

The heat

.. is my greatest enemy when it comes to fatigue.

Meruap2, rimas, lemas.. and it saps at my energy like a giant siphon. if and when i run in the heat, my feet feels leaden & heavy, each step a monumental achievement. nak menghabiskan each km punye la susah, haish. ni la dia nasib makcik yang semakin meningkat ketuaannya.

AA was home early yesterday and was able to assume some of my duties, namely carting around cik esoh for her tuitions & group studies. and because there was so much time to spare (which was an unsual occurence for him), he even managed a window shopping session at the mall.. which surprisingly resulted in the purchase of a yamaha E323.

Nope, not a yamaha bike or anything similar (i'm kinda wishing it was one of those superbikes; teringin gak nak menenggek ekekeh)

Its a digital keyboard that AH wanted for her birthday.

It took her completely by surprise to find it waiting for her at home. its quite the norm in this family to have presents come much much later (sometimes months) especially if its a substantial request.

The happy look on AH's face was a given but i never expected the glee & excitement radiating from golfman!! he was like a kid with a new toy, cocoh sane cocoh sini.. going absolutely nuts over the many buttons. it then dawned on me that he probably wished he had one of those kiddy organs when he was growing up and was reliving that moment.

PSR E323

Hah.. it was the same with me and AH's barbie doll collection, anak suke tapi mak yang lebih ;)

Our children will always keep us 'young' eh!!

AF - alhamdulillah anak mama dah selamat kat lipis. dont worry too much about the school hols being revoked bcos of the h1n1 case.. que sera sera. its actually worse for your colleagues yang berfamili so bersabar je la k.
AI - you la figure out how best to present 'the proposal' sbb ma mmg tak brape arif pasal tu. and go get your bros input k.
AH - good luck with the HELP UC programme sweetie.. i'm sure you'll handle it as well as you always do :)

Workout Log
AM - 4km/28mins/TSA

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