Friday, November 26, 2010

Dumb & dumber

Three sugar babes find themselves on an island. One of them stumbles onto a bottle and a genie pops out. The genie says he will grant them one wish each, yada yada yada  (you get the picture)...

(Pic from

The first one, Tonia says, "I need to get off this island, I wish for a rowboat." With a flash, a rowboat appears and she rushes out into the ocean.

The second, Olga says, "I need to get off this island, I need jetski".

With a flash, a jetski appears and she rushes out into the ocean, soon overtaking the first babe.

The genie looks enquiringly toward the third, and Christina with raised eyebrows, smirks and says," Just give me a million dollars, I'll take the bridge."

Ekekekeh ;p

TGIF.... have a great weekend peeps <3

But before i leave, heres another one for ya LOL

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

This or that


Do i rough it out with the guys @ boot camp?

Or work my buns off with the gals @ aerobics studio?

Decisions, decisions.

(Pic from google images)

Its a tough call.  i think i'll just let my feet take me wherever it wants to lol ;p

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rolling the ball.

Okay..its done.

I am fast approaching another milestone and this time its a big one.  the plan is, come 1/1/2011 i will be temporarily shelving my SMMs, COCs, APs & Surat Pekelilings and taking a break, a long break, from having to deal with anymore bqs, drawings, tenders, claims, payments, reports, meetings etc.

Yup, i'm taking a no-pay leave of absence for 2 whole years.  i'm making myself totally available to my husband.  at the snap of his fingers i can just up & leave.. work would now cease to be a deterrent.

I've passed the first round.  thankfully my boss here in selangor is supportive and is willing to release me.  and today with the admin's consent, i've personally handed my application over to the kementerian for approval. thats round two.  its totally out of my hands now.. but at least the people at HR were very helpful and assured me, everything seem to be in order and they're not expecting any problems.

Right.  i sure hope so. bcos i really want to get this over and done with. bcos its high time i put an end to this  yo-yo existence. bcos i'm just so freaking t-i-r-e-d of functioning as only a part of a whole.

(Pic by Gordon Mitchell)

*I want to be complete. heck, i need to be complete.

Doakan, please.

[ * added after pakmat's comment ;p ]

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Traveller II

You fly high a journey never ending,
Moving forth destination to destination.
Every quest equally demanding,
A shadowy traveller of your own creation.

Seasons change you're still on your own,
Dreams to realise, targets to meet.
But life is not to be lived alone,
The emptiness reign, the silence deep.

Wicked the heart that is barren & lonely
Crumbling walls, unlocking doors
Secret daliances excitingly risky
Numbing the soul in its quest for more.

The years pass by heedlessly uncaring
Wrecking bonds, weakening ties.
When realisation dawn clear & painstaking,
Life has flown on the wings of a sigh.

Patient are the ones that love you,
Those that hold you close to their heart.
But allow not time to forever seduce you,
You might end up alone in the dark.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gym tryout

I was actually surfing the net for dance classes in shah alam, belly dancing to be specific lol.  and you know how it is when you surf.. you can end up just about anywhere, sometimes even forgetting what it was that you started with ekekeke.

Anyway, one thing let to another and by lunchbreak, i found myself at the stadium, checking out xclusive fitnesz, a new gym here on my side of the world.

It used to be the venue of mal gym (under malik nor), a place i used to frequent some time back (we're talking about a couple of years here hehehe) and there's been quite a few changes to the old place, though subtle but its there.

Apart from the standard gym hardware and the aerobic/dance sessions (without which i wouldnt even be there lol), i like the new ideas that the owner M has brought in... boot camp sounds interesting, as well as the running programme (still hafta check that one out tho). plus the fact that the people running the place seem really nice.. nice enough to let me try out a session before making up my mind.

And gawd, their little mascot is heart wrenchingly CUTE!  its a hyper little ball of fur that goes by the name of NINJA.  he's also another reason why i'll be dropping by again hehehe ;p

 (NINJA's pic ciloked from here)

Update after my tryout peeps ;D

Latest - yup its done, i'm in lol

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aerobic marathon

I have more repressed energy than i can deal with these days and thats why the idea of a marathon aerobic competition sounded so appealing (marathon running pun nak gak lol but right now, its just beyond me).

I was pretty excited when Jules from my aerobic class came up with the invitation to join her group (dah rasa nak terkinja2 dah nie hehehe) and my 'i'll call you to confirm k" was, to me just an act of stalling the inevitable.  but when i got back home, it hit me. hey, it was the weekend of my favourite niece's wedding!!!!!!


No contest, my niece comes first, of course.

But it really would've been so much fun jumping about like a monkey, and with the possibility of winning RM3,000.00  ;D

Monday, November 15, 2010

Selagi masih

Anak kucing berlari lari
Berkejar ke sana berkejar ke mari
Berteduh sejenak di pohon rendang
..  bahangnya mentari.

Walau dugaan silih berganti
Selagi kasih beraja di hati
Selagi rindu masih bertandang
.. aku kan di sini.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Its almost midnite and sleep seem so so far away.  maybe some Q & A to liven things up a bit?

Q: What are a married man's two greatest assets?
A: A closed mouth & an open wallet.

Q: How does a man keep his youth?
A: By giving her money, money & more money.


And this sudden craving for something sweet is rather surprising..  but since i'm already hyper as it is, a little sugar aint gonna kill me surely lol.

Anyone for a sugar daddy? ;p