Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rolling the ball.

Okay..its done.

I am fast approaching another milestone and this time its a big one.  the plan is, come 1/1/2011 i will be temporarily shelving my SMMs, COCs, APs & Surat Pekelilings and taking a break, a long break, from having to deal with anymore bqs, drawings, tenders, claims, payments, reports, meetings etc.

Yup, i'm taking a no-pay leave of absence for 2 whole years.  i'm making myself totally available to my husband.  at the snap of his fingers i can just up & leave.. work would now cease to be a deterrent.

I've passed the first round.  thankfully my boss here in selangor is supportive and is willing to release me.  and today with the admin's consent, i've personally handed my application over to the kementerian for approval. thats round two.  its totally out of my hands now.. but at least the people at HR were very helpful and assured me, everything seem to be in order and they're not expecting any problems.

Right.  i sure hope so. bcos i really want to get this over and done with. bcos its high time i put an end to this  yo-yo existence. bcos i'm just so freaking t-i-r-e-d of functioning as only a part of a whole.

(Pic by Gordon Mitchell)

*I want to be complete. heck, i need to be complete.

Doakan, please.

[ * added after pakmat's comment ;p ]


June Malik said...

fervently !! we shall doa for each other, miss you babe :)

pakmat said...

..salam justi..if I may say so, we are all part of a whole..yo yo and all..for no man, indeed, is an island, alone by herself..aside of that, I wished you well, for I know that the two yrs leave is a chance for you to become part of the whole..am I contradicting myself?..shessh, I mustbe getting old..cheers, take care,jdbb, and never, never stop blogging..

Nin said...

Hope all goes well and you get your 2-year freedom from work! Wow! You must have like 1001 things mentally planned in your head, betul tak?? I know, cause I've been there. Only difference is that for me, it wasn't a break... I resigned heheh!

Oldstock said...


My doa for you that you'll get to spend the quality time you thoroughly deserve. Time for that ISA my friend, no more ISO :-)

Justiffa said...

We certainly shall gf... and i miss u too <3

Bila la bole kita berlari2 sama ek, nnti mesti hujan lebat ekekeke ;p

Justiffa said...

dear pakmat.. contradicting ourselves is part of the fun of growing older hehehe.

u take care too u hear xxx

Justiffa said...

Nin, right now i'm oversaturated with the monotony and just cant wait to be free of datelines lol.

Resigning's for the courageous few, tabik la kat u nin. me, still cautious of burning all my bridges. we'll see after the 2 yrs ;p

Justiffa said...

Oh thank you so much for the doas oldstock, smoga kita semua melalui kehidupan yg baraqah & bermakna :D