Sunday, February 28, 2010

The yo-yo

I guess that would be me. who would've thought i'd be suffering the fate of a yo-yo.

But the love keeps it all together.

God speed my love, till the next time.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soft & cuddly

Meet chemec pepinot.. the extremely soft, extremely cuddly little kitty.

She's the pet of cikgu's buddy and has been to the house a couple of times.. and every time she comes for a visit, miso (my mom's latest 'companion') gets all excited. we think he kinda fancies her but at  4 months, she's still very very young i think, even for a feline.

Nico is more the observer in all of this and just tolerates her presence. he'll come to sniff her about a feet away and prefers to put a certain distance between them.  maybe he's feeling more like a cat-daddy than sugar-daddy lol.

Isnt she just adorable? and if you could touch her, shes also so very very soft.. and just 'melts' wherever you put her.

Be it tummy,

or shoulder..

or much cosier places lol.

And she's even more at home on the sofa or bed. 

Ish ish gerrrrrrraaaaaaaam betul la!! thanks a bunch A-B & I-Z for sharing :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY weekend

It was another blitz of events during the long break. but before anything else, here's wishing all our chinese friends a fantastically prosperous & happy CNY, gong xi fatt chai!!!

Ok topmost on the list is of course the return of the golfman. he was whisked from airport to home to his bro's house before the poor guy could even blink properly hehehe. it was his nephew's wedding and his bros were all happy that he was back to complete the picture ;D

Majlis nikah @ masjid nurul ehsan, kg. medan

The rombongan makcik kiah set out from kelana jaya to kg medan before asar.. and the nikah was carried out without a hitch.  in fact, the hubs & i agreed it was probably the simplest, smoothest & most hiccup-free nikah we'd ever attended!! except for the small mishap when the hubs grazed his bro's car while parking (still blur from the long flight), alhamdulillah telah dipermudahkan semuanya :)

The next day saw more of the same... the wedding reception was a merry occasion and this time the bridegroom's group was much bigger (all the kiddoes were present). many thanks to the bride's family for making us all feel welcomed and at home.

To the young couple.. semoga bahagia & di rahmati dunia akhirat!!

 It was also a weekend of much fun & laughter.  there was a lot of eating going on of course.  there was dinner @ victoria station, taipan the nite of the 14th and lunch @ shogun, sunway after we were all dragged by the missy for a bout of... skating!!!! yes, skating as in slipping & sliding on the ice at sunway pyramid... and yes, me & golfman included -_-''

Actually it wasnt too bad... in fact it was a lot of fun (including the butt-numbing falls hehehe). the hubs & me were novices..even way back then in new england, we only tried skiing & tobogganing.  if it wasnt for the missy, i dont think either of us would even be thinking of getting onto the ice (ice = falling = injury) but braved the ice we did lol.  golfman took a few hesitant steps and decided he couldnt risk hurting himself (theres lots to be done on his short return) and went back to the bench while i... got all excited & kept wanting to fly instead of taking baby steps (and now have a sore butt as a result lol).

 The motley crew.. lets skate peeps :D
Gawd i love speed ;D and i understand the missy's growing addiction to the ice (okey la, me & abah will get u ur own skates k.. and nanti bole la ma pinjam hehehe).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catty kitty

Gawd... just look at that face rotfl!!!!!

Soooo cute and yet sooooooooo e-vil hehehehehe!!!!

Abe - looks like its gonna be another one of those seemingly endless countdowns... 48 hrs & counting!!!!!!

AM - 3k maintenance run/TSA
PM - 50 mins aerobics-salsa/NRG

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Whirlwind weekend

Its not often that i go anywhere without the family. i'm too much of a worry-wart to leave the people under my care on their own for too long & too comfortable a 'katak-bawah-tempurung' to take on the world alone lol. but sometimes the work demands that i leave, and leave i must even if it is with a heavy heart.

The jabatan seem to be pretty serious about implementing the 5ses and had arranged a 3-day working trip (6 - 8th Feb) to jkr kelantan for the lot of us to check on how the people down there (or is it up?) were doing it. jkr kelantan had already obtained their 5s certification last year and was actually in the midst of their annual audit at the time of our visit.

Turns out our group from bkub had the largest number of representatives, probably bcos our place is a nightmare of files, documents & paperwork (what do you expect from a section that churns out tenders & contracts almost on a daily basis?). bkub alone formed an additional convoy of 4 SUVs.

1 plus 4.

We assembled early saturday morning right in front of the state secretariat and pushed off as scheduled. the route of choice was gua musang and it made me a little sad that bcos of time constraint, i couldnt peek in on the cikgu when we stopped for coffee break right beside institut perguruan tengku afzan, kuala lipis. it would have been nice to sneak a hug from the cikgu.. this mama missed her huggable muggable teddy ;D

The feisty beaver in Kuala Lipis.. 'me likeee your slippers' !!

The restaurant owner was chummy with this cute little beaver and while we enjoyed our hot kopi kaw & frothy teh tariks, he became the centre of atrraction with his funny little antics .

Cooling off at Masjid Kg Keroh, Kuala Krai.

Stops were made only for solat & nature calls and we made it to kota bharu by 4pm.

So started a series of briefings & taklimats.. and a hefty dose of makan2 and ronda2 lol. sadly, the schedule was pretty tight and w/out my own wheels i couldnt go about as i would have wished. since golfman is temangan born (with MIL hailing from ketereh & FIL from peringat), it would have been nice to drop in on a few makciks & pakciks.. and i was also itching to breeze over to pakmat's at bachok and catch up on the latest. tapi apa kan daya, it'll have to wait till next time.


Masjid Jubli Perak aka Masjid 3 Benua, Rantau Panjang.

A small token of appreciation to our gracious hosts for the talk & tour.

The exterior & interior of Masjid 3 Benua.

Ferry Operation, JKR Unit Feri Pengkalan Kubor.

An enlightening Operations brief by the unit chief. did you know the captain of the ferry is called a 'serang'?

Entrance to Pengkalan Kubor Jetty & the equivalent in Tak Bai.

Border Stations @ Pengkalan Kubor & Tak Bai respectively (with yours truly & her anak buahs lol).

The JKR ferry steadfastly chug chugging along.

Malaysian Ferry alongside the Thai Ferry.

The Malaysian Jetty & Thai Jetty

Taklimat 5S JKR Kelantan, Kota Bharu.

The briefing @ the conference room was to a full house.

The PP presentation.

The office rounds.

Sudut 5s - BKUB, JKR Kelantan

The extensive taggings & labellings.. even for the light fixtures!!

The MAKAN2.. yummy!!

Other than the usual nasi kerabu & nasi berlauk, theres also nasi tumpang.

Popia stadium & pulut mangga.

The refreshments provided.. one of many.

Serunding of hajjah wan sabariah @ pasir mas.

And the RONDA2 ;p

The Sitting Buddha.

The Sleeping Buddha

Sunny day @ Rantau Panjang

Teman sekenderaan ku ;p

Business is brisk here in kelantan.

Of course theres no end to shopping opportunities when theres places like pasar siti khadijah, wisma mpkb, wakaf che yeh, pengkalan kubor, rantau panjang to name a few.. so it wouldnt be of any surprise that we left kelantan with hardly any legroom left (or headroom either lol) in our respective vehicles hehehe.

The fruits of our labour.. eh bukan labour, ronda2 lol!!

It was indeed a whirlwind weekend hehehe :D