Monday, May 31, 2010

On the move

Used to be when i was much younger i'd be stiff & sore after a robust bout of exercise.. be it games, jogging, or goofing around at the pool or field.  funnily enough these days i find the tables being turned on me - i get even more aches & pains when i'm inactive.

- getting out of the bed can be torture.

- i creak when i stretch.

- if i stay too long in any given position, my bones start feeling like lead.

- if i forget to move, certain parts of my body just goes to sleep.

Gets to a point i cant even enjoy being a couch potato anymore lol.  stay still and pay the price!

I'm starting to think that maybe i've inherited my late grandma's arthritis.  i mean it is in the genetic pool.  but then theres also the other much simpler, less dramatic explanation. i've hit the perimenopausal stage and its largely due to my falling estrogen levels.

But apart from natural supplements, i have no plans of taking any form of hrt. at least not for now and not as long as life is still manageable within the constraints of growing older.


Since i end up feeling like a dead rat when i'm not pounding the pavement or jumping about like a crazy monkey, i guess it should be motivation enough for me to stay active.  oh and i'll not insult your intelligence by implying that its all easy peachy when i do bcos of course its tiring after workouts. but its a good kind of tired, the kind that leaves you feeling, oddly, on your toes.

And when 50 is just around the corner, being on your toes is a godsend ;D

Weekend workouts:
-6k treadmill
-60 mins aerobics
-8k tasik s/alam.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Under the radar

My boys..

Both goofy.. both emo lol.

I wonder what they're up to? i mean i know where they are and what they're doing - its a weekday so cikgu would be in one of his classes teaching & since its semester break, topman's probably still sleeping or doing something for his opah (though he'll be grumbling to no end, he'll still be doing it.. thats just the way he is lol).

But what are they really up to? what's going on in that male brain of theirs?  now that they're both young men, i'm sure theres an awful lot that they're keeping from their mama ;p

Pandai-pandai la jaga diri my darlings..  bcos eventually you'll hafta jaga anak orang pulak hehehe.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tsunami of events

Its been a tsunami both at work and at home and i havent  been able to stay online long enough for anything other than checking emails & updates.

So much has happened thats worth a mention but sadly i just couldnt find the time... and even when i could, i just couldnt find the energy. somewhere along the line my other half had to fly off again and i was back to struggling alone.

Maybe fast forwarding (or is it rewind) would do the trick?

Here we go then... from sunday to sunday ;D

MARA dilemma

Sunday 23 May 2010 - The climax of a chaotic week.

After AH decided not to accept UTP's offer as 'pelajar persendirian',  we  were left with 2 other options - the MARA sponsorship programme (which was yet to be released) and UiTM's engineering foundation, thru UPU (coincidentally both had to do with mara).

Which put us in a quandry bcos MARA did not release the results of their sponsorship as planned.  they had instead posted 'ralat' after 'ralat' until it was finally released at 4pm, friday 21 May 2010.  problem is UiTM's registration date for all foundation programmes had been set on sunday, 23 May 2010 making it a very very close call if a decision had to be made based on the two.

I took friday off work bcos certain things had to be made ready.  if AH didnt get the scholarship, there were a few things that needed to be taken care of before sunday's registration at puncak alam:
i.  Agreements to be stamped - Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi has offered restricted scholarship for students of foundation programmes.
ii. Medical check-up - and why didnt we do this earlier? bcos only the x-ray can be re-used for other purposes, the heath report by the doc is done using the specific forms of the institutions.
iii. Opening of bank account - different universities endorse different banks.  found out later both MARA & UiTM uses BIMB, silly me.
iv. Payment slip for registration fee - non refundable but no payment means no registration.

I was beyond serabut.. i didnt quite relish having to deal with the unnecessary but the situation didnt allow me to do otherwise.  and we did what we could while we waited out the 4pm timeline that MARA had thrown us.  at that point i wasnt even sure if they'd be able to deliver and was steeling myself for another 'ralat'..  i so hated to see the frustration on my daughter's face whenever that happened.

But the results were out as promised... and she did it!! after the long long wait, she'd been offered a 1+3 SAM/taylor's engineering programme to start in July. but that was all, no other details were forthcoming.. not until we receive their official offer via snail mail.  even when i called the head office, they werent sure about the details either bcos apparently all offers were tailored differently to suit the student's achievement.

It was desicion making time, MARA with all its uncertainties.. or UiTM.

And after much deliberation and conferring with both abah & friends, she has decided to meet the uncertainties head-on.

Me? after all the chaos, i'll need to re-charge first thats for sure lol.

Busy work week

My desk.


Need i say more lol?

And as for the stressed out missy waiting for some form of confirmation regarding her immediate future, baking choc cakes in the wee hours of the morning, with to die for cream-cheese frosting, is the answer!!

[And believe me, its sinnnnn-fully yummmmmy hehehe]

Dang.. you're making me a fat momma now girl ;D

Sport's Day

Sunday 15 May 2010 - Seri Cahaya Akademi's Sports Day

It was AH's last day as a part-timer and what better way than to end it with a... sport's carnival!!!  days before, she was already staying up late into the nite making pom poms for her 'children' (and guess who also ended up shredding those shiny bits of coloured paper sampai sakit pinggang lol) and was pretty excited about their opening show.  "comey ma.." said the proud cikgu of her little wards.

And bright & early that sunday morning me & the hubs found ourselves at the mini stadium way before any of the other parents.  it was a strange feeling... our 'child' wasnt taking part in the sports event, she was part of the organizing team!!!

Getting ready.

AH & bf

The entreprising lass had earlier roped in her bro (for his camera), bf (as semi-official photog) and bf's sis (as one of the race judges). and of course me & the hubs..  we were to hang around in case there were any dire emergencies (like running out of balloons, bubblegum.. or something lol).
 The kids in living colour

Dancing to the music

 And with her support crew firmly behind her, AH went about her duties with gusto.. and apparently loving every sweaty, stinky minute of it ;p

AH in action.

And as fate would have it, amongst the crowd were 2 of my cousins.. although i'd bumped into akak a couple of times (both of us being orang shah alam) the last time i saw N we were in our 20s!!  time sure has flown hasnt it girl lol ;p

N & Akak

 We later ended up at JM Briani IOI outlet for lunch, an invite from the store owner themselves to the turkmenistan crew. and for us the completely pooped but ravenously hungry people, it was a most fitting end indeed :D

 JM Briani, IOI

2k/am run/seksyen 13-with golfman.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dan adanya DIA

My darling's 52 today.. and each day i thank the Lord for having him in my life :D

Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dilimpahkan rezeki, disampaikan hajat... dan dikekalkan jodoh ini sehingga ke akhir hayat!!

Luvya forever & always babe mwaaah3 ;p

4k/am run/seksyen 9

Friday, May 7, 2010


Down with book flu ekekekeh

Tengah giler membaca ;p

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Out of the blue

Gah.. what were my bosses thinking!!

Just escaped from a high level meeting by the skin of my teeth.  all the bosses had prior engagements (hmmmm)  so it was left up to me to explain the 10% increase for the friggin' v.o.'s.  now theres a reason why i stayed a 'pegawai kumpulan sokongan' all this many many years.


i. do. not. need. the. added. responsibilities!!

[and for those who have misconstrued the meaning of that statement -  i have no intention of absolving any of my responsibilities at work but i have not pursued my career to make way for:  a 'missing' husband, a sick mother, a dependent MIL, 3 hormonally charged young adults & running a household on my own. tqvm]

Good thing i ran this morning. the state of well being helped calm my frayed nerves. somewhat.

AF - congrats on your confirmation oh cikgu dear :D
AI - good luck with todays paper k, mesti bole punye la. really appreciate the fact you still melayan abang altho i know you'd rather be home. saaaaaayang ijat (and aie & esoh & abah osso la hehehe).
AH - sooooooo nak tinggalkan mama la ni ek? ;p
AA - take deep breaths and relaaaaaaax  babe (advice i should be giving to myself lol).

4k/seksyen 9

Monday, May 3, 2010

Breaking down

They just dont make 'em like they used to anymore!!


Even my friggin' astro decoder!!

Everything seems to fall apart that much easier these days.

Sad isnt it?

And i just had to fork out RM115 for the replacement of motherboards and what-have-you's from my decoder.  and its actually my 2nd decoder, an 'upgrade' from astro (upgrade la sangat!). the astro repair guy was telling me that nothing beats the ,bulky old ones (the one that i had before i was 'upgraded').. these newer (smaller versions) are a little cikai sensitive and has a tendency to malfunction.

2 weeks of completely lousy reception (to which i initially thought was due to bad weather) was actually a prelude to total meltdown.

Without the hubs, or afc, or discovery or csi, my labour weekend would've been a downright waste if not for the kids (they dragged me to sunway) and my gratifyingly satisfying (or does satisfyingly gratifying sound much better lol?) workouts for 3 straight days - friday, sat & sunday.

Now if i can only keep up the momentum. need to work harder at minimising the possibilities of 'malfunctioning' ;p

Anyways, heres to a productive, happy & healthy week ahead for all of us :D

 2k/sek 9/just to kickstart the day lol