Monday, May 24, 2010

MARA dilemma

Sunday 23 May 2010 - The climax of a chaotic week.

After AH decided not to accept UTP's offer as 'pelajar persendirian',  we  were left with 2 other options - the MARA sponsorship programme (which was yet to be released) and UiTM's engineering foundation, thru UPU (coincidentally both had to do with mara).

Which put us in a quandry bcos MARA did not release the results of their sponsorship as planned.  they had instead posted 'ralat' after 'ralat' until it was finally released at 4pm, friday 21 May 2010.  problem is UiTM's registration date for all foundation programmes had been set on sunday, 23 May 2010 making it a very very close call if a decision had to be made based on the two.

I took friday off work bcos certain things had to be made ready.  if AH didnt get the scholarship, there were a few things that needed to be taken care of before sunday's registration at puncak alam:
i.  Agreements to be stamped - Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi has offered restricted scholarship for students of foundation programmes.
ii. Medical check-up - and why didnt we do this earlier? bcos only the x-ray can be re-used for other purposes, the heath report by the doc is done using the specific forms of the institutions.
iii. Opening of bank account - different universities endorse different banks.  found out later both MARA & UiTM uses BIMB, silly me.
iv. Payment slip for registration fee - non refundable but no payment means no registration.

I was beyond serabut.. i didnt quite relish having to deal with the unnecessary but the situation didnt allow me to do otherwise.  and we did what we could while we waited out the 4pm timeline that MARA had thrown us.  at that point i wasnt even sure if they'd be able to deliver and was steeling myself for another 'ralat'..  i so hated to see the frustration on my daughter's face whenever that happened.

But the results were out as promised... and she did it!! after the long long wait, she'd been offered a 1+3 SAM/taylor's engineering programme to start in July. but that was all, no other details were forthcoming.. not until we receive their official offer via snail mail.  even when i called the head office, they werent sure about the details either bcos apparently all offers were tailored differently to suit the student's achievement.

It was desicion making time, MARA with all its uncertainties.. or UiTM.

And after much deliberation and conferring with both abah & friends, she has decided to meet the uncertainties head-on.

Me? after all the chaos, i'll need to re-charge first thats for sure lol.


June Malik said...

congrats and good luck to your girl :)

pakmat said...

..relax..parents, (mothers)..:) are always beyond serabut when it comes to children..and the calm that follows are inevitably of rindu and merindu pulak..cheers..

Justiffa said...

Juney.. i'll be sure to pass it on to her, thx :D

You keeping well gf? lari, lari jugak but dont forsake your health k ;p

Justiffa said...

Pakmat!! lama tak kecek ;D

Yup, belum apa2 lg this mama is rindu2 oredi hehehe.. kejap2 cium sampai naik rimas budak tu -_-"

Ordinary Superhero said...

I was there at Puncak Alam last Sunday. The registration and the chaos was .... terrible!

Justiffa said...

Somehow OS, i'm not surprised.. its the same with convos, bila dah terlampau ramai chaos reigns.

Anto sape la agaknye ek? :)