Monday, May 24, 2010

Sport's Day

Sunday 15 May 2010 - Seri Cahaya Akademi's Sports Day

It was AH's last day as a part-timer and what better way than to end it with a... sport's carnival!!!  days before, she was already staying up late into the nite making pom poms for her 'children' (and guess who also ended up shredding those shiny bits of coloured paper sampai sakit pinggang lol) and was pretty excited about their opening show.  "comey ma.." said the proud cikgu of her little wards.

And bright & early that sunday morning me & the hubs found ourselves at the mini stadium way before any of the other parents.  it was a strange feeling... our 'child' wasnt taking part in the sports event, she was part of the organizing team!!!

Getting ready.

AH & bf

The entreprising lass had earlier roped in her bro (for his camera), bf (as semi-official photog) and bf's sis (as one of the race judges). and of course me & the hubs..  we were to hang around in case there were any dire emergencies (like running out of balloons, bubblegum.. or something lol).
 The kids in living colour

Dancing to the music

 And with her support crew firmly behind her, AH went about her duties with gusto.. and apparently loving every sweaty, stinky minute of it ;p

AH in action.

And as fate would have it, amongst the crowd were 2 of my cousins.. although i'd bumped into akak a couple of times (both of us being orang shah alam) the last time i saw N we were in our 20s!!  time sure has flown hasnt it girl lol ;p

N & Akak

 We later ended up at JM Briani IOI outlet for lunch, an invite from the store owner themselves to the turkmenistan crew. and for us the completely pooped but ravenously hungry people, it was a most fitting end indeed :D

 JM Briani, IOI

2k/am run/seksyen 13-with golfman.

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