Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have declared 2013 as the year of my first marathon.  and my target was clear, my full marathon 'virginity' will be lost at SCKLM 2013 which is scheduled sometime in june (and whose registration will incidentally commence at 6pm today).

A good solid plan with enough time to train and prepare the ole body for the arduous task ahead.

But as usual, life is full of surprises and the unexpected.  it mocks our well laid plans and reminds us that we're never really in control.  who would have thought that 2013 would also mark the launch of a maiden 'all women' running event.  that it would showcase the inaugral malaysia women marathon.

And to make matters even more tempting for me, it'll be held right here in my backyard!!!!!!!!

The question now is, do i have enough time? do i really really have enough time to train, not to set PBs or good timing, but to finish with as little suffering as possible bcos i had taken prudent steps in making sure my body was prepared.

Yup i'm sooo tempted that throwing caution to the wind is starting to sound like a good idea.

But another curve ball thrown my way has helped me make my final decision, one that under the circumstances, i have to accept as the best option.

At best, i had 3 months to train for the MWM which was cutting it rather close but still doable considering my solid running base BUT factor in an unexpected bout of shingles which has been keeping me out of commission for the past 2 weeks (and according to the doc i'm to expect another week of lethargy)...and what does that actually leave me? 7 weeks? for a full marathon?

Heck, i'm not a member of the casket team,  their motto being, no training, period.

I wanna run, i wanna keep running well into my 'older' age... and i wanna do it pain free.  is that possible? i think it is and looking at people like teresa goh gives me hope that i can do it too, god willing.

So with that, i have decided that even though it pains me to say this considering the run has all the things i hold very dear to my heart, i will be doing a half mara at the MWM 2013 and my full marathon at the SCKLM 2013.

Training as planned, thank god :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend blues

I can feel it, this disassociation from all things painful and complicated.  used to be i almost always super-analised everything, words, thoughts, actions, reactions...  especially my own.  these days, i just shut down.  its enough that i exist. keeping myself sane and stable means more to me than anything else, even confronting the truth and upholding my rights. i dunno, it just takes too much effort.  and from helplessness comes despair.  let somebody else save the world.  and if thats wrong, then might as well shoot me.

Sigh.  Theres just too many things wrong with us, the whole lot of us.  even if i wanted to do something, anything,  i wouldnt even know where to start.

God help us.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cycling Diary - Fraser's Hill 15/11/2012

Diari Kayuh Seorang Macik

Bagi yang bekerja, cuti umum adalah sesuatu yg dinanti2kan dan bila cuti berturut hari, lagi la best kan hehehe.  baru2 ni cuti deepavali dan awal muharam selang sehari of each other so apa lagi, macam2 plan timbul.  macik & geng macik ended up with a back to back cycling expedition dan secara kebetulan dua2 melibatkan bukit.

Sebelum ni genting sempah & now fraser's hill.

Fraser's Hill, a quiet weekend getaway for stressed out city folks.  also a great place to test one's uphill prowess in cycling.  genting sempah times two... yup twice the distance folks therefore twice the challenge and for a novice macik like me sangat la the challenging uols wahahaha.

Sebenarnya geng macik mendapat invitation dari group cap ayam utk sertai kayuhan sempena launching jersi baru diorang.  event yang sangat meriah and really, theres just something about kayuhan beramai2 yg generate a great feeling of comraderie.

Bersama group cap ayam di KKB

Doa sebelum kayuh

Tips from Yimster

We started our ride from bandar KKB and although the rain kinda messed up the timing, nobody really minded and was just as excited to push off.  alhamdulillah a seasoned rider cautioned us not to push ourselves during the first 5km bcos the real uphill work was actually after the KKB dam.  it wouldnt be a good idea to pancit awal2, maklum la kederat macik x banyak mane pun and sememangnye kena spread out wisely.

Tayar golek from KKB

Double lane highway dekat KKB dam

Then single lane & uphill all the way 

As they say, theres nothing like the luck of the ignorant... macik tatau what awaited me so macik kayuh jer, namun sambil kayuh tu macik dok tertanya2 gak la, "weh bila nak sampai nih?" wahahaha, mana idaknye rasa macam beskal kite tu asyik mendaki je tak abis2.  but then of course its only to be expected bcos fraser's hill IS twice the distance of genting sempah.

In between pelotons

Regrouping points

Attempts to raise the bike seat

Bahagia dalam siksa

Generally, condition jalan fraser's lagi baik dari genting so idak ler terlalu menyiksakan kpd para rb's.  bagi macik kayuhan naek fraser's is all about gritting ur teeth and focusing on reaching the top.  jangan pikir banyak2, just letak kaki kat pedal and kayuh one km after another after another.... its doable as long as you focus.  even that final 8 killer km after the gap is not as bad as its made out to be...memang sangat challenging but then again, still doable.

Meehoon sup break @ the gap

Bersedia untuk attack the killer 8km

And the feeling upon reaching the clock tower? absolutely priceless!!!!!

Setiba di puncak...  absolute relief lol

Happy riders

Bersama group cap ayam di puncak FH

Yup, i did it, i really did it, siap julang beskal lagi hehehehe ;p

Macik oh macik

The break we took at the top of fraser's was longer than necessary tapi ada geng macik yang terpaksa menolak beskal naek the last few km.  demi semangat menakluki bukit fraser mereka gagahkan jugak and by about 4pm, we finally made our way down.  alhamdulillah kali ni macik dah ada skit2 skill melayan selekoh jadi tak la keras & tegak je atas beskal macik tu ekekeke.  and macik tak abis2 bersyukur macik tukar kpd all weather tyres... masa turun tu ujan start balik and walaupun setakat renyai2 masih mencabar utk tyre rb yg kecik & kebotak2an tu.

Menunggu the rest

Akhirnya, all the musangkings

And finally, the descend

And a word of caution to first timers cycling up fraser's hill... do bear in mind that going down isnt totally about descending, the last 5km at the kkb dam will involve cycling uphill again but very minimal.  just dont let it catch u by surprise k ;))

Alhamdulillah sampai kkb in one 'piece' and in the right 'piece' of mind, one that's ready and willing to face the next uphill challenge.... cameron oh cameron here we come weeehooooooo ;))

Selesai sudah alhamdulillah

Detail Kayuhan:
Total distance - 80km +
Total Time - about 7 jam total (plus sessi bergambo, makan2 & menunggu kengkawan)
Weather - redup with intermittent rain
Route - kkb ke gap ke puncak fraser's and back
Rating - doable but be prepared to grit your teeth and just do it lol

Thursday, January 10, 2013

For women after 50

Short notes to start off ;p


So what changes after the age of fifty that has an impact on your running. Well, for one thing everyone’s natural strength decreases. In fact at this point in life its’ been decreasing for a number of years. Muscular strength actually peaks at around age thirty so by time you reach age fifty you’ve lost a significant amount of muscle mass unless you’re doing some strength training to stem the tide.

Another change occurs in our ability to process oxygen. This is known as VO2 max and it decreases about 1% for every decade that we age. As our ability to process oxygen decreases over time you’ll begin to notice this when trying to do speed workouts or when running shorter races where the required effort is greater. The decrease in VO2 max has less of an impact when running longer and slower so many older runners gravitate towards longer events like the half or full marathon.
Another one of the more noticeable changes for me has been the decrease in my stride length. This occurs as we begin to lose some flexibility in our hips. This shorter stride length just naturally leads to running at a slower pace.


So if it’s all downhill after age fifty what is there to look forward to in running? Well, for one thing while we may be slower it does not mean we can’t run longer. As we get older we also get better at pacing ourselves and this has many benefits. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about the half marathons or that full marathon that you’ve always wanted to do? Many runners also just simply enjoy the “experience” more as they are now running for the pure enjoyment of it rather than competing.


So how do we do it? How do we stay healthy when the repetitive process of running for years starts to take its toll? The answer is diversification. Or in running lingo it’s time to mix it up and do some cross training. Instead of running everyday, which I’ve never really been a big proponent of, it’s time to mix in some cross training and even add a day or two off every week.


So what kind of cross training should one do? That depends on the individual and what your interests are. Cycling makes for a great alternative as it takes the feet off the ground while still providing a pretty good aerobic workout. The same can be said of swimming, which just might provide the best all-round conditioning workout.
Mixing in some weight training is also a great way to work on your core fitness and overall strength, with the added benefit of helping to increase your metabolism. Yoga has numerous benefits as well that can benefit your running and is used by many of the top athletes in the world as part of their fitness regimen.
Deciding what activites to add to your routine ultimately comes down to you deciding what other activities interest you and figuring out how to add them to your schedule.


Perhaps the best thing that you can do for your body at this point in your life is to take a day off every now and then. It’s no secret that the body just doesn’t recover as quickly at fifty as it did at twent five. So why not add in a day or two off every week. It can be a total day away from exercise or it can be an easy cross training day. Either way you’re giving your body a chance to rest and recover and that can only be a good thing.


My weekly regimen now consists of three to five runs per week depending on whether I have a race coming up or not. In addition to the running I also do one to two cycling workouts per week. Monday to Friday my day starts with a visit to the gym where I’ll do some stretching and core strengthening and on three to four of these days I’ll do some weight training.

On weekends I always take one day off and reserve the other day for a longer, slower run. If I’m overtired and feel that I need an extra day off I will not hesitate to take a weekday off to help recover. For me the combination of running, cycling, weight training and stretching has resulted in just an overall better fitness level. At this point in my life I know I'm not going to get faster, my priority is to keep doing what I'm doing for as long as possible and to stay as fit and healthy as possible.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

The challenges of 2013

I will be needing extra courage to face 2013.  God willing it'll be a marathon year for me.... the 42km kind lol.

Pray for me will ya.

Stay tuned ;p