Friday, May 27, 2016


Staying connected is a must these days.  There might be times when u can't meet up with friends & family but thats no more a problem.  By staying connected to the net, u stay connected to the world!!

But being human we tend to take things to the extreme, for some life don't seem to be worth living if that 'connection' is taken away from them.  They cannot imagine life w/out the net and completely immerse themselves into the cyber world.  They lose sight of their natural surroundings and gradually fail to appreciate the beauty of spontaneous living. I guess thats the price we pay for technology.

That being said, i am certainly not an evangelist denying the advancement & modernization of our society.  I myself feel quite lost w/out my phone & am constantly connected to the web.  Its just that i make a point not to go crazy when i forget my phone or to just enjoy the time when i'm temporarily out of the grid.

Life still goes on even when we're not connected & we'll be just fine lol... believe me.

*sadly my chosen pic refuse to appear... ah well, i'll just hafta post this bare lol*