Sunday, May 31, 2009

Of weddings

.. and the consequences of losing focus.

A favourite nephew got himself hitched over the weekend... nikah on saturday with the wedding reception the following day. it was the second marriage for the family so they werent really what you would consider greenhorns. they had married off their eldest son a couple of years back.

Since the marriage ceremony spanned overnite and the bride's home being way out in kg kundang (after morib), the father of the groom provided the wedding entourage with rooms for sleeping over. he didnt want any of us to be losing our way (or to use it as an excuse for being late... or for not making it at all lol). he even made sure the whole lot of us was fed throughout the 2 days by providing a never ending supply of nasi bungkus, kueh, jajan etc.

Everything was taken into consideration... all was provided for.

But it turned out into a fiasco anyway.

Yup, its true that they say even the best laid plans can turn awry but theres still a lesson to be learned here.

- good communication is still a major factor in keeping things together.. everyone must be told about 'the plan' to make it work and not just the key players only. in a convoy, the greatest strength is the weakest link... one clueless party is enough to slow everyone down.

- having fabulous hantaran is great but delegate in advance the 'person' responsible for carrying each and every hantaran. do not assume bcos no one will actually dare take responsibility.

- synchronize the timing with the bride's arrangement as closely as possible because its just not right to upset plans already laid out by other people. we DO NOT want the juru nikah to throw out such ultimatums as 'i'm very sorry but if the groom is not here in 10 mins, i will have to leave for the next wedding"... and we also DO NOT want the groom to drive like a crazy madman to his own nikah bcos his entourage was still fumbling about.

- the focus of the whole nikah thing is the groom, not the groom's mother, sister, uncles or aunties. he should be numero uno; the one fawned over and made sure to look like a miliion bucks. not anyone else.

- never underestimate the power of bermusyawarah. dont go about it alone and assumme that a good plan can be carried out by everyone. actually they probably can.. if only they were briefed or informed about it earlier. relying on word of mouth is dangerous, you might not get the results you want.

But these are just reminders. semua dah pun selamat alhamdulillah :D

SEMOGA BAHAGIA DUNIA & AKHIRAT my darlings... mwaaah3

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Home by noon

The home's all spruced up.

The food's all ready.

The engine all raring to go...

Abe we're coming to get you babe ;)

Workout Log
AM - 8k/55mins/TSA
- i only wanted to do 4, with the marketing & cooking to be done for abe but i was seduced by the cool weather.. it was just too good to waste ;)

Friday, May 29, 2009


.. pinch me people for i must be dreaming!!!!

By noon tomorrow golfman will be home (and at my mercy muahahahaha) where he belongs.


When providence & good fortune comes knocking at your door you dont question anything.. terima aje dengan seribu syukur :D

AF - alhamdulillah la anak mama and geng dah selamat sampai KT. hope you enjoy redang and come back with lotsa lotsa pics.
AI - what can i say? sabor je la anak.. and pray that when we grow old we'd know better.
AH - rock climbing is a great idea but its almost june and with spm so near, i have to say no. for now, work out your stress through the kick boxing and swimming k.. you just dont wanna be overdoing things right now.
Abe - ambo tengoh tunggu dengae saba la nih abe weh ;)

Monday, May 25, 2009

PUBLIC ALERT: Kidnappers on the loose

My day was kick-started by a shocking sms, especially so because t'was from a friend, a close friend and not the forwarded stuff you usually find in ur inbox.

Word for word SMS received from Z, long time friend, officemate, teman senasib (another 'isteri yg ditinggal2kan') and not to mention the fact that her cubicle is right next to mine:

Saya EL (emergency leave) hari ni. ptg semlm nzm (her 12 yr old son who physically, is taller than both his mom & me) hilang. jam 930 mlm baru jumpa. pkerja petronas jumpa dia kt petronas tepi highway yg tlg hantar ke guard kondo blakang rumah kami (seksyen 7, shah alam). rupanya dia kena tarik masuk van masa nk gi taman. kat t/light ke pdg jawa dia terjun dr van. dia masih ketakutan x mau kluar bilik pun. kjap lg nk gi klinik dia sakit kena tndang masa dlm van. apapun syukur dia slamat dn saya masih dpt peluk dia.

When you read things like this in the papers or hear it in the news you cant help but feel a certain sense of disassociation, the distance between you and the victim making it a little 'unreal'. well, not this time. i found myself shaking uncontrollably immediately after i read her sms... as a mom i can so easily understand what she's going thru. her last sentence is especially heartrending.

When i called, she was still too traumatized to provide details so i'll have to leave that for later.

Apapun parents out there pls take note. the target is not just helpless little kids anymore... desperate times breed desperation, anything and anyone goes!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

On the brink of change

... thats how i look at my eldest son these days.

Very soon he will be getting his first posting... another step towards his own autonomy.

Is he ready? Am I?

These days family units are smaller than it used to be, allowing members to allocate more time & energy for each other and becoming more close-knit. being close and supportive is a good thing but overdoing it can be a disaster. there are stages in a child's developement when closeness can be claustrobhopic and they react negatively to it. closeness can also create dependency... sometimes home becomes a sanctuary thats way too comfortable to leave.

Its always in finding the right equilibrium. i really hope the kiddoes have enough sense on their shoulders to figure it out... and 'eventually' is good enough for me ;)

Right now, i'm giving him free reign of the house. friends have been coming and going till the wee hours of the morning (a couple of days ago his cousins turned up at 4 am). let him enjoy his final days as the completely carefree son of AA & LZZ.... bcos after this he'll be Cikgu AF, with responsibilities not only to himself but also to the wards placed under his care.

Anak2 mama... to me korang dah beruban pun masih lagi my babies ekekeh. Its just that with the advent of change, you might perceive yourselves differently!!

Its been a weekend of cooking.. young people are always hungry ;)

Workout Log
AM - 50 mins fast-paced aerobics... great workout thanks to shahir.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Digging deep

.. is what you have to do when old habits threaten to take over.

Nope, theres no way in hell i'm going to cave in (says the brave old makcik on the verge of caving lol).

After subuh although my body was doing its extreme best to sabotage me, I forced myself not to sucumb and quickly donned my jogging gear. i was going to do my 2 laps even if it killed me (cewah.. dramatic la pulak ala2 'anak wayang' ekekeh).


Glad to report that i'm still alive and i did finish my 2 laps which amounted to 8k.. and managed to shave off 10 mins from my miserable average of 60mins to boot!!

Heh heh heh.... life is goooood ;D

Workout Log
AM - 8k run/50 mins/TSA

Friday, May 22, 2009

Creature of habit

.. that i am indeed :)

Like a child, i actually find comfort in regularity & going about my business within a dependable framework. Thats probably due to my dread of conflict and wariness to change. of course i crave excitement just as much as the next hot-blooded human but too much of it causes an overload that i find hard to handle.

But i'm also a little slack on discipline so i usually take some time in establishing a framework hehehe. i'm supposed to be consistent in many areas in my life but.... lets just its a work in progress lol

In matters pertaining to health & fitness (my greatest motivation - fear of becoming a burden to my loved ones), i did come up with a schedule that i thought was realistic enough to be workable. what i didnt realise was it would take me till May to achieve even a wisp of consistency. tsk tsk... i blame the procrastinator in me ;)

Mon/Thurs - fasting & stretching/weights at home or gym. Tues/Wed/Fri - 3 to 4k AM run. Sat - 6 to 8k AM run. Sun - aerobics.

Simple and effective.... once i get the hang of it ;D

Now that is the basics that i hope to rely on. in addition to it, i plan to include other activities that makes me happy... and topping the list are dance groups, more aerobic workouts, ping pong (i'm getting the boys at the office to teach me lol) and increasing the frequency of my late nite solats.

Gotta keep busy la. join me?

Abe - to my favourite traveller, safe journey always my darling mwaah3x
AF - weh, too much of dr house is making me imagine dire things ekekeh
AI - just wanted you to know i do realise how eccentric my mom can be and how much i appreciate the able way you're handling it :)
AH - just one more week schweetie pie

Workout Log
AM - 4k/28mins/TSA

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mimpi ngeri

... a past nightmare, revisited.

When i was a young girl, oh a long long time ago, i discovered a mass that didnt belong, at my left breast. it didnt really mean anything to me until i saw the reaction it had on other people.. especially my dad. i guess he knew what it could signify and i was after all his little girl and he obviously wanted everything to be sugar & spice for me.

He took me around and made me try all sorts of treatment, mostly traditional. i later realised there was a reason to his reluctance in taking me straight to the doctor. He actually dreaded the thought of his anak dara being 'mutilated' by the knives of the surgeons!! surgery was to be the last, most desperate option.

Now you know where i inherited my overactive imagination hehehe.

To cut a long story short, i eventually had the lump removed. it was a simple procedure to begin with but true to his gory expectations, i developed some kind of infection which took eons to clear. suffice to say it left me more than a little traumatized. i was just about to hit 20 and on my own, on account of my divorced parents (i grew up in boarding school and wasnt really with either of them).

Thank god there was no malignancy and even though i've put the experience behind me, i'm ever watchful.. theres nothing to stop the mass (or masses) from recurring, especially since mak herself came down with the big C and had her mastectomy done in 2007.

But now it seems that the dreaded time is again upon me.. as of a fortnight ago i discovered not one but 2 mean little lumps at the same breast. maybe not quite the multiple 'attack' that you had my dear haza but enough to freak me out. it sort of sneaked up on me the little buggers. one moment it was all clear, the next moment they're suddenly there! i do self-exams regularly and the lapse was probably just a month or two.

Anyway, i've set up the first appointment and will be seeing the specialist soon. we'll see what the good doc has to say about it. in the meantime i'm just hoping for the best.

If only i didnt hafta go through this on my own.... again :(

Abe, where are you??!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fighting off

... the 'serabut'ness.

And one of the best ways to do so is to pound away at the pavements.

Workout Log
AM - 4k/27mins/TSA
..hah i managed to shave off 3 mins, must've given the the old ticker quite a jolt hehehe.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pi mai pi mai

.... tang tu gak ;)

So he's back in tashkent. its almost like he never left. not a place where i want him to be but i dont really have a say in the matter.

Thats what bugs me to no end. i want my man but i cant have him.

A wife's greatest nightmare.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Life's little surprises

Well whaddaya know... this morning i woke up to a house spilling over with young men. and the sudden change from zero to so many heroes can be a tad overwhelming to a household previously consisting of only females (nico & adik notwithstanding lol)

Nico, my 'furry' sleeping partner lol.. he keeps mummy company when the boss is away :)

AF suddenly turned up after isya on his trusty steed (read: my old, beaten up avanza which was passed on to him when he moved to UPSI). i guess he forgot to inform me of his return, i only got to know about it from AH. apparently, they have 'plans' lined up for sunday ;)

AI left the house pretty early to meet up with friends... and only made his way back well after midnite. And he didnt come back alone. no sirree, he had his friends in tow. in fact he brought home with him a carload of them lol.

So thats how i ended up lugging plastic bags (oh oh..forgot about going green) chockfull of nasi lemak, sambal goreng, ayam goreng, tempe goreng (segala macam goreng) and 3 types of kuih before leaving for work today. plus the cincai fried rice that i made earlier for AH. and the 2 balangs of choc chip cookies i'd baked last nite.

Enough food to fill up my kitchen table.

After all, young men need their tummies filled to face the challenges of the day aight?!!

Oh which reminds me. the other day, while waiting for the light to turn green, i'd caught a glimpse of something interesting from the billboard. seems that theres a poco-poco session going on every tuesday nites at 9 pm somewhere in seksyen 8. its probably organized by mbsa or penduduk setempat or something. not that i'm into poco-poco (truth be told i'd rather be hip-hopping lol) but at least its better than sliding back to my couch potato days lol. must find out more about it elsewhere. the busy concord junction isnt really a place to be caught dilly dallying lol.

Abe - dinner with the tauke must've been really something huh ;)
AH - one week down and just another to go... you can do it doll just hang in there!!
AF & AI - so now you both have a summons each.. told you speeding wont get you nowhere. apart from the obvious fact that speed kills, selagi you guys dont have the resources to 'settle' it yourselves, the risk is not even yours to take. pls remember that k.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Feelin' a lil hyper today hehehe.

Have a nice day yall ;)

Abe - hope all went well and heres wishing you a smooth flight back to Ash.
AF - hey mr twitter man, you comin' home this weekend?
AI - you really have to put a lid on this 'boredom' issue. believe me la anak, if life was a continuous bombardment of excitement, like labeouf in eagle eye you'd actually be begging for a quiet day lol. you just need to find the right mix k.
AH - ganbatte kiddo..contrary to what u think exams do have a place in this universe ;)

Workout Log
AM - 4k/33mins/TSA

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beauty sleep

... is a pre-requisite for people to stay beautiful i guess, otherwise why would they call it such a thing right?! and its probably true bcos my late nites sure aint helping me none (dah memang tak lawa pun hehehe).

But whatever it is one needs a good nite's sleep to function well. something thats tough on insomniacs and nite owls like me. cuba macamane pun memang susah nak tido. and one of the reasons i run is that it helps me conk out a little faster.

Then again like everything else one needs to seek a certain equilibrium. even if sleep eludes you, you cant just follow the flow without a fight bcos sleeping is there for a reason. we all need to have a healthy respect for that fact and young people of the 'vampire' generation are no exception.

Its a simple equation. 1. Tido lambat bangun lambat.. if this goes on unchecked, you lose out a lot on life bcos good things happen to people who start their day early, our beloved prophet promised us that. 2. Tido lambat bangun awal.. if this goes on unchecked, you have a sure fire recipe for burn-out bcos your body isnt getting the rest it deserves.

Lets step back and review our sleeping habits & patterns. it may be the cause for the fatigue, listlessness and lethargy.. and it may be the time for better sleep management.

AF/AI/AH - kidddoes this goes for yall too k
Abe - good luck with the expo thingy ;)

Workout Log
AM - 4k/35mins/TSA - extremely slow :(

Monday, May 11, 2009


.... happy 51st me darlin' :D

Wishing you a lifetime of love, happiness, peace & serenity... for me you're still the one ;p

I have to check out an abandoned housing project in Ijok this morning and if i want to hitch a ride, i better start contacting the bangunan people again. i hate driving to unfamiliar places, especially construction sites.. and especially with my almost uncanny ability to seek out all the loose screws and 'pakus' on the roads and subsequently bust my tyres!!

And thank god AI's around to take over part of my supiro duties. at least i dont have to hurry back for my daro :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


.. from across the seas ;)

I almost gave in to the cosy comfort of my bed this morning but the thought of golfman's hike up the turkmen hillside got me out in a jiffy. before he left, we did make a pact to keep ourselves fit for each other (cewah.. ekekeh).

So off i went on a run to match his - my 8k against his 8.5k hike.

And it was kinda hardgoing. the weather here has been pretty hot & humid, something that doesnt go down well with mid-age makciks like me who runs out of steam in relentless heat. and i did start out kinda late (thanks to the 'nak pegi ke tak nak pegi ke' debate i was having with myself earlier). lucky for me somewhere along the 7k stretch i heard loud, glorious (actually bingit was more appropriate lol) music which could only mean one thing - an aerobic session in progress!!!

Sure enough it was another one of those PKNS sessions that seem to just pop out of the blue so i stopped to shake my booty for about 30 mins. rather slow but it was a welcomed break... i really was feeling the heat from the constant pavement pounding.

Little did i realise i was actually inviting trouble by doing that. when i resumed where i left off, i suddenly developed one of the most excruciating sidestiches i've ever had... one that almost stopped me in my tracks. slowing down to almost a crawl (dah memang slow pun in the first place) i took deep breathes while slowly massaging the painful area and surprisingly enough the pain just slowly eased away leaving me to finish my 8k in a slow trot.

An almost 'gentle' reminder not to take my body too much for granted.

Ok... noted :D

Later in the day the kiddoes dragged me off to sunway pyramid for a lepak session and since movies was on the agenda, i didnt really put up a fight.. the dark theatre seemed like a good place to rest :) i wanted to see hunky wolverine in action but since daro is 'under age' (and we were not in the mood to berlakon that she was older) we all settled for star trek instead. it was ok i suppose but i didnt like the way they treated the 'spock' thing... letting the old spock meet the young spock just didnt jive with the general concept of 'parallel universe'.

I'm still getting me wolverine's dvd though ;)

Workout Log (HERS)
AM - 7+1k/55+10mins/TSA
AM - Aerobics/30mins/slow

Workout Log (HIS)
AM - 8.5k Hike/2hr45