Friday, May 29, 2009


.. pinch me people for i must be dreaming!!!!

By noon tomorrow golfman will be home (and at my mercy muahahahaha) where he belongs.


When providence & good fortune comes knocking at your door you dont question anything.. terima aje dengan seribu syukur :D

AF - alhamdulillah la anak mama and geng dah selamat sampai KT. hope you enjoy redang and come back with lotsa lotsa pics.
AI - what can i say? sabor je la anak.. and pray that when we grow old we'd know better.
AH - rock climbing is a great idea but its almost june and with spm so near, i have to say no. for now, work out your stress through the kick boxing and swimming k.. you just dont wanna be overdoing things right now.
Abe - ambo tengoh tunggu dengae saba la nih abe weh ;)

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