Friday, May 22, 2009

Creature of habit

.. that i am indeed :)

Like a child, i actually find comfort in regularity & going about my business within a dependable framework. Thats probably due to my dread of conflict and wariness to change. of course i crave excitement just as much as the next hot-blooded human but too much of it causes an overload that i find hard to handle.

But i'm also a little slack on discipline so i usually take some time in establishing a framework hehehe. i'm supposed to be consistent in many areas in my life but.... lets just its a work in progress lol

In matters pertaining to health & fitness (my greatest motivation - fear of becoming a burden to my loved ones), i did come up with a schedule that i thought was realistic enough to be workable. what i didnt realise was it would take me till May to achieve even a wisp of consistency. tsk tsk... i blame the procrastinator in me ;)

Mon/Thurs - fasting & stretching/weights at home or gym. Tues/Wed/Fri - 3 to 4k AM run. Sat - 6 to 8k AM run. Sun - aerobics.

Simple and effective.... once i get the hang of it ;D

Now that is the basics that i hope to rely on. in addition to it, i plan to include other activities that makes me happy... and topping the list are dance groups, more aerobic workouts, ping pong (i'm getting the boys at the office to teach me lol) and increasing the frequency of my late nite solats.

Gotta keep busy la. join me?

Abe - to my favourite traveller, safe journey always my darling mwaah3x
AF - weh, too much of dr house is making me imagine dire things ekekeh
AI - just wanted you to know i do realise how eccentric my mom can be and how much i appreciate the able way you're handling it :)
AH - just one more week schweetie pie

Workout Log
AM - 4k/28mins/TSA

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