Friday, May 15, 2009

Life's little surprises

Well whaddaya know... this morning i woke up to a house spilling over with young men. and the sudden change from zero to so many heroes can be a tad overwhelming to a household previously consisting of only females (nico & adik notwithstanding lol)

Nico, my 'furry' sleeping partner lol.. he keeps mummy company when the boss is away :)

AF suddenly turned up after isya on his trusty steed (read: my old, beaten up avanza which was passed on to him when he moved to UPSI). i guess he forgot to inform me of his return, i only got to know about it from AH. apparently, they have 'plans' lined up for sunday ;)

AI left the house pretty early to meet up with friends... and only made his way back well after midnite. And he didnt come back alone. no sirree, he had his friends in tow. in fact he brought home with him a carload of them lol.

So thats how i ended up lugging plastic bags (oh oh..forgot about going green) chockfull of nasi lemak, sambal goreng, ayam goreng, tempe goreng (segala macam goreng) and 3 types of kuih before leaving for work today. plus the cincai fried rice that i made earlier for AH. and the 2 balangs of choc chip cookies i'd baked last nite.

Enough food to fill up my kitchen table.

After all, young men need their tummies filled to face the challenges of the day aight?!!

Oh which reminds me. the other day, while waiting for the light to turn green, i'd caught a glimpse of something interesting from the billboard. seems that theres a poco-poco session going on every tuesday nites at 9 pm somewhere in seksyen 8. its probably organized by mbsa or penduduk setempat or something. not that i'm into poco-poco (truth be told i'd rather be hip-hopping lol) but at least its better than sliding back to my couch potato days lol. must find out more about it elsewhere. the busy concord junction isnt really a place to be caught dilly dallying lol.

Abe - dinner with the tauke must've been really something huh ;)
AH - one week down and just another to go... you can do it doll just hang in there!!
AF & AI - so now you both have a summons each.. told you speeding wont get you nowhere. apart from the obvious fact that speed kills, selagi you guys dont have the resources to 'settle' it yourselves, the risk is not even yours to take. pls remember that k.

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