Sunday, May 24, 2009

On the brink of change

... thats how i look at my eldest son these days.

Very soon he will be getting his first posting... another step towards his own autonomy.

Is he ready? Am I?

These days family units are smaller than it used to be, allowing members to allocate more time & energy for each other and becoming more close-knit. being close and supportive is a good thing but overdoing it can be a disaster. there are stages in a child's developement when closeness can be claustrobhopic and they react negatively to it. closeness can also create dependency... sometimes home becomes a sanctuary thats way too comfortable to leave.

Its always in finding the right equilibrium. i really hope the kiddoes have enough sense on their shoulders to figure it out... and 'eventually' is good enough for me ;)

Right now, i'm giving him free reign of the house. friends have been coming and going till the wee hours of the morning (a couple of days ago his cousins turned up at 4 am). let him enjoy his final days as the completely carefree son of AA & LZZ.... bcos after this he'll be Cikgu AF, with responsibilities not only to himself but also to the wards placed under his care.

Anak2 mama... to me korang dah beruban pun masih lagi my babies ekekeh. Its just that with the advent of change, you might perceive yourselves differently!!

Its been a weekend of cooking.. young people are always hungry ;)

Workout Log
AM - 50 mins fast-paced aerobics... great workout thanks to shahir.


PoetryGirl said...

ah the scariness of the future...

Justiffa said...

PG - toksah la takut2 sangat, bersangka baik with God's plan and embrace it :)

Aunty doakan yang terbaik untuk yall semua ;p