Saturday, May 23, 2009

Digging deep

.. is what you have to do when old habits threaten to take over.

Nope, theres no way in hell i'm going to cave in (says the brave old makcik on the verge of caving lol).

After subuh although my body was doing its extreme best to sabotage me, I forced myself not to sucumb and quickly donned my jogging gear. i was going to do my 2 laps even if it killed me (cewah.. dramatic la pulak ala2 'anak wayang' ekekeh).


Glad to report that i'm still alive and i did finish my 2 laps which amounted to 8k.. and managed to shave off 10 mins from my miserable average of 60mins to boot!!

Heh heh heh.... life is goooood ;D

Workout Log
AM - 8k run/50 mins/TSA

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