Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Feelin' a lil hyper today hehehe.

Have a nice day yall ;)

Abe - hope all went well and heres wishing you a smooth flight back to Ash.
AF - hey mr twitter man, you comin' home this weekend?
AI - you really have to put a lid on this 'boredom' issue. believe me la anak, if life was a continuous bombardment of excitement, like labeouf in eagle eye you'd actually be begging for a quiet day lol. you just need to find the right mix k.
AH - ganbatte kiddo..contrary to what u think exams do have a place in this universe ;)

Workout Log
AM - 4k/33mins/TSA


chakry said...

AI cakap macam tu??! meh sini biar saya kasi pelepuk.

im so begging for some peace and quiet in my life. whole days are filled with sounds of people groaning, machines beeping, people barking out orders. sigh.

oh, and the ambulance siren!

Justiffa said...

Be my guest chak... pelepuk him all you want ;)

Jenuh dah aunty cakap tp asyik dok mengeluh gak haish... and while ur at it throw in some of the the beeps and sirens as well k hehehe.

Hang in there chak *hugz*