Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beauty sleep

... is a pre-requisite for people to stay beautiful i guess, otherwise why would they call it such a thing right?! and its probably true bcos my late nites sure aint helping me none (dah memang tak lawa pun hehehe).

But whatever it is one needs a good nite's sleep to function well. something thats tough on insomniacs and nite owls like me. cuba macamane pun memang susah nak tido. and one of the reasons i run is that it helps me conk out a little faster.

Then again like everything else one needs to seek a certain equilibrium. even if sleep eludes you, you cant just follow the flow without a fight bcos sleeping is there for a reason. we all need to have a healthy respect for that fact and young people of the 'vampire' generation are no exception.

Its a simple equation. 1. Tido lambat bangun lambat.. if this goes on unchecked, you lose out a lot on life bcos good things happen to people who start their day early, our beloved prophet promised us that. 2. Tido lambat bangun awal.. if this goes on unchecked, you have a sure fire recipe for burn-out bcos your body isnt getting the rest it deserves.

Lets step back and review our sleeping habits & patterns. it may be the cause for the fatigue, listlessness and lethargy.. and it may be the time for better sleep management.

AF/AI/AH - kidddoes this goes for yall too k
Abe - good luck with the expo thingy ;)

Workout Log
AM - 4k/35mins/TSA - extremely slow :(

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