Saturday, January 31, 2009

A needed respite

.. HE is back :)


Workout Log
AM - 4k/30mins/TSA

Friday, January 30, 2009


..and its significance in our lives.

998973434806 is a string of numbers that at first glance could be just random, but it might be meaningful to some people or... it might not.

Take the choice of numbers for example, its different for everyone.

9 is my favourite number, probably bcos i was born in september. 7 is AH's favourite and she plans to have 7 children (gulp) bcos of it. 8 has claimed AI's fancy while AF will usually go for 13.

Golfman? i'll have to ask him bcos his preferences might have changed.


Anyway, did you know that:
- 123456787654321 is 11,111,111 multiplied by itself.
- According to the film's animators, you'll see 6,469,952 black spots every time you watch 101 Dalmatians.
- Over the course of his lifetime, the average man will ejaculate approximately 18 quarts of semen, containing about a half trillion sperm.
- The number 37 will wholly divide (no decimals) into 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999.
- It takes 120 drops of water to fill a teaspoon.
- One million tons of oil is equivalent to about 13,000,000,000 kilowatt hours of electricity.
- For a typical lovemaking session, the man will thrust an average of 60 to 120 times.
- Elephants produce 50 pounds of manure every day.
(from: )

You probably didnt need to know any of that hahaha... but humour me will ya. i'm in terrible pain even after downing the ponstan that the good doctor gave me. i told you we were a family of klutzes didnt i? yours truly just spilled a large portion of the hot oil she'd used in frying pacific west's tempura fish onItalicto the back of her hand. her right hand no less, the one she needs to use to get things done?!

Yeah yeah, i should've been more careful i know but there were certain thoughts that kept plaguing me relentlessly and refused to go away. 'twas the price i had to pay for being distracted i guess.

You people be more careful now, you hear :)

Abe - i probably wont be able to sleep tonite..partly from pain, partly excitement ;p

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One stinky makcik

.. but thats just the way it is lol!!

Because its always such a mad rush in the mornings i cant seem to avoid going to work all sweaty and stinky.. at least the morning half that is. ferrying a kid to school, running and getting to work on time can be quite challenging (picture this dark apparition the likes of a dementor charging madly towards the clockin scanner with only seconds to spare). i used to carry around my little black carry-all so that i could have a quick shower and a change of clothes. otherwise its business as usual with my black abaya deceptively covering my pants & tshirt ;)

More often than not the pile of files staring demandingly at me from my desk prevents even a short visit to the loo so i usually end up stinky till lunch. thats when i get to go back and become all presentable again.

So beware.. never come see me in the mornings bcos you sure as hell might regret it lol. i love my morning runs too much to change anything (unless the people here start giving me ultimatums - go change or we'll take away your favourite coffee mug - maybe then i'd reconsider ekekeh!!)

I'm also quite euphoric this morning.. 1. i went to bed with a leaky nose and incessant sneezing, and i thought for sure i'd be down with flu or something. thank god it all cleared up when i woke up.. must've just been the horrific dust from beating the stoopid carpets. 2. i might be losing another kg but i dare not chalk it down as 54 just yet bcos it doesnt seem quite that stable on the mark.. might just be fluids but the possibility is there, yay! 3. golfman might be coming home on a short visit.. he has meetings lined up in kl, double yay!!

Abe - this 3 days will be nothing but pure torture :(

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AM - 3k/25mins/TSA

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

.. wishing all my chinese friends a Happy & Prosperous New Year !!

And as for the rest, enjoy the long weekend :)

The kiddoes left early (by their rather tardy standards that is lol) to join in the festivities with their friends.. they were meeting up with others in a convoy before making the CNY rounds. which left me to face the rather daunting prospect of attacking the rooms all on my own.. which i did.. and which later gave me a giant of a headache.

I was starting to feel a little sorry for myself when my SIL called out of the blue and asked me if i was interested in joining her for a bbq. hah.. was i ever hehehe!! ibaratkan orang ngantuk disorong bantal, apalagi orang sepi ni terus je la jawab nak!!! i was to bring dessert and i thought.. CAKE.. maybe choc on choc?!

Unfortunately my 'feel good' bubble burst the very next moment when mak said to me in her contrively off-handed way, "lepas ni nanti bila kau free tolong buangkan si mamat tu kat pasar?"


I happen to like mamat. he's a stray who now resides on my terrace.. and i dont have any grouses with the guy bcos he knows his place and seldom venture into the house. but he has this unfathomable love/hate relationship with mak. one minute she's stroking, petting and feeding him as if he's a roman emperor, the next minute she has nothing but harsh words for him.

Not wanting to add on to the tension already existing between the two of us, i just agreed to whatever crazy plan she had lined up for the poor sod.. and by late afternoon the terrace was officially without mamat. it will be extremely quiet now that mamat the yowler is gone.

Just for the record, the kiddoes dont think its all that fair to dump mamat either but they do agree that having peace and quiet in the domestic front was paramount... we wouldnt be hearing the end of it from mak otherwise. so with misgivings in my heart, i did what i had to do.

Hmmmm.. touch not the great Nicolei and all will still be well.

Anyways, i completely lost my mood after that and even burnt my choc cake. sigh. and i didnt feel like whipping up any fudgy frosting to cover it up so in the end i just bought a mini fruity cake & a mini cheesecake from baker's cottage.

Thank god for the bbq... not so much for the food but the company. it restored my sanity.

Workout Log
AM - 8k/58mins/TSA


.. over a bunch of things but right now, at this very moment, the freakin' aerobic instructor tops the list.

Please, we can do without your brand of exercise. not to be rude or anything but you are a little too rolly polly to be effective ok and we didnt all come out here on a precious sunday morning just to mildly shake our booties.

We need to sweat out all the stress that's been accumulating over the week.. and one of the ways to do that is to push ourselves to the max. please just let your 'anak buah' do his job while you supervise him (or whatever it is that you do) from the sideline.

Tolong jangan syok sendiri. thank you.

Workout Log.
AM - Aerobics/50mins/mild

Weekly Tally - 16km

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Going out of my head

... over you. out of my head day and nite, nite and day. and nite.

An oldie... and its kinda apt right now.

Workout Log
AM - 8k/58mins/TSA.. lousy time. i used to run my 10k's in 60mins. sigh.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Latest head pic

..showing great improvement :)

Believe me it was much much worse!

Today was beyond chaotic. i had on my schedule a v.o. committee meeting as well as separate discussions with the retender contractors. bcos yesterday was already hectic enough with the pulau indah site visit and all, i decided that i really needed my morning run.

Yup, brinking on madness considering the tight schedule but i was stressed with work, missing my husband & getting a little desperate. i had to sweat it out somehow if i wanted to keep my sanity.

So off i went, sticking diligently to my timing and all was going well except that.. i never bargained for a flat tyre!!

I'd already done my very short, cool down session and was about to get into the car when i noticed my flat. aduh, it sent my timing straight to hell!! fortunately for me my adik2 buah at the office was more than willing to help out but the car wasnt in the mood to cooperate.. after taking out all the nuts & screws (or whatever you call 'em things), they just couldnt get the tyre off!! the freakin' thing just refused to budge even though the guys were kicking at it like there was no tomorrow!!

They were nonplused but since my tyres were tubeless and it wasnt totally & completely flat, they put the screws right back and i then drove to the nearest tyre/workshop. at least their pride was salvaged when the foremen himself couldnt get the tyre off at first go either lol!!

Something about the parts rusting?

Anyway all this meant time slipping by and time was one thing i didnt really have this morning. in the end due to interventions of the AlMighty kind, the committee meeting was postponed and the tenders couldnt be sold, which meant i didnt have to meet up with the contractors just yet.


It could've been a disaster... but instead it was manageable chaos, thank god :)

Abe - AI got in yesterday so the kiddoes are all home... i just wish that vacant chair at our dinning table would stop taunting me tho. anyway, good luck with the vips babe.

Workout Log
AM - 4k/30mins/TSA

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On the road to recovery

.. but AF is looking more and more like one of his Left for Dead zombies!!

Look for yourself and tell me i'm wrong?

After the stitches came out the wound didnt heal all that well and has to be cleaned every morning now. due to its most strategic position right at the very crown of his head, the doc had problems keeping the dressing on thus the spectacularly absurd, hulubalang like bandage thingy (i am really at a lost for words to call it lol) on his head.

It also kinda looks like he's wearing his undies on his head doesnt it ekekeh... sorry darling, ma usik je la ;)

Today is tha last day of AH's 2-day MC and its already back to tuition & stuff for her. it is after all her spm year and unlike the bros before her, she's already showing healthy signs of 'exam awareness'. for me, perbezaan ketara antara anak lelaki dan anak perempuan on such matters -
lelaki: "alaa, relek la ma exam lambat lagi laaa!!" sambil buat muka selambe derk.
perempuan: senyap2 tapi slowly buat kerja sbb takut (of spm) or malu (of doing badly).

Apapun mama sentiasa doakan yang terbaik untuk all of you :)

Abe - sorry to hear about the sore throat babe..drink lots of fluid k. at least your trip was a good one, aight?! (still missing you like crazy la..)
AI - you coming back tomorrow dude? drive safe will ya!!

Workout Log
Another rest day.. its that tak selesa time of the month again.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Interview

.. finally happened but unfortunately AH wasnt, what you would call, 100%.

Not feeling all too good the moment she woke up, the spunky missy went to school anyways and stayed back until 3.30pm just for the dreaded interview. somehow her bf and i ended up waiting for her to finish at the school canteen lol. talk about bonding time eh..

AFs stitches came out in the morning and its actually not as good as expected..the deeper end isnt as dry as its supposed to be. but the doc says its nothing to worry about and we're supposed to see him again wednesday.

So even tho it looks pretty messy, we're optimistic ;)

Dearest darling Abe - maybe you shouldnt have pressed on all of that 6km after such a long break.. the aches you're feeling now might just be due to it ;)

Workout Log
AM - 4k/33mins/TSA

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tending to the sick

...makes for a quiet weekend indeed.

With the gash on his head AF has been placed under 'house arrest'... well sorta :) i didnt want him gallivanting about shah alam thus increasing his chances of somehow hitting his head twice. and being the klutz that he is, i wouldnt put it pass him.

So other than the short little breaks at chilli merah with ab & the gang, he's stuck in my room fiddling away with his 'gadgets'. and its a good thing he has the new hp... it has most certainly distracted him from the pain lol.

As for AH, after her larian sekolah yesterday she went on to a dinner/birthday party at TGIF subang parade and it might've just proven to be a bit too much for one day.. bcos she's now down with fever. probably some sort of viral infection, or maybe its just her body telling her to slow down, dunno. but what i do know is, i now have 2 sick kiddoes on my hands.

AI, i sure hope your silence means that you're fine back there in lendu!!

Thank god golfman's also doing fine way across the ocean. he's attending a convocation at president hotel, ashgabat of 8 UTP (turkmen) grads and a group of technicians who'd successfully undergone training by 'da oil co.' seems that its quite a big do over there but unfortunately, no pics. just too bad eh.. would've been nice to have a lil peek at the ceremony and be able to compare.

Usually when people ask me the whereabouts of my husband and i tell them "he's in turkmenistan", the usual reaction would be "huh?!" followed by a totally blank expression. heheheh i dont actually blame them.. not only is turkmenistan an unfamiliar mouthful, its not what one would call a vacation hotspot either.

Its just a hangout for your regular orang minyaks.. but maybe its time we open the doors wide to others as well ;)

Introducing Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan has been visited by many empires. Alexander the Great conquered the territory in the 4th century B.C. on his way to India. 150 years later Persia's Parthian Kingdom established its capital in Nisa, an area very near to Ashgabat. In the 7th century A.D. Arabs conquered the region and it was around this time that the famous Silk Road was established as a major trading route between Asia and Europe. Then the caliph Al-Ma'mun moved his capital to Merv. In the middle of the 11th century, Turks of the Seljuk Empire were on the scene. Later in the 12th century, Cengiz Khan took control of the region.

By 1894 Russia had taken control of Turkmenistan and in 1917, subsequent political unrest led to the declaration of the Turkmen Republic as one of the 15 republics of the Soviet Union in 1924. At this time the modern borders of Turkmenistan were formed. Then in 1991, with the breakup of the Soviet Union, Turkmenistan became independent. The former Soviet leader, Saparmurat Niyazov took power and he is the leader of turkmens. He died recently on 21 december 2006 and now Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedow is the new president.

Ancient cities like Merv, Dekhistan (also known as Misrian) and Konye-Urgench inspire visions of slow-moving caravans plodding along the ancient Silk Road. The modern and manicured Ashbagat (otherwise known as the city of love - hey, i didnt know that abe.. tsk tsk, no wonder la theres so many MJs!) will give you another slant on Turkmen culture, while Eastern Turkmenistan's fertile plains and numerous historical sites make it a must. Nature-lovers will appreciate the haunting beauty of the Karakum (Black Sand) desert and the occasional quirks of coloured canyons, dinosaur footprints and burning gas craters.

Fast Facts about Turkmenistan
Money: manat (M); black market US$1 = 24, 500M
Famous for: Golden statues of Turkmenbashi, gas reserves, horses, carpets
Area: 488, 100 sq km
Population: approximately five million
Capital: Ashgabat (Aşgabat)
Country Code: 993
Phrases in Turkmen:
Peace be with you./Hello. (salam aleykum); Thanks. (sagh bol); How are you? (siz nahili?)
Languages: Turkmen, Russian, Uzbek.

Views of President Hotel, 54 Archabil Shayoly Street, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
(from: & )

Workout Log
AM - Fun aerobics/60 mins/Dataran Shah Alam.

Weekly Tally: 21 km

Friday, January 16, 2009

My 1st 8k for 2009

.. hehehe i did it, i broke the 1 lap barrier ;)

Gawd, it feels good!!! like i said before, its usually all in the mind (but of course la it has to be achievable in the first place). legaaa. selagi tak buat, my old fart's brain will keep on telling me otherwise. everytime nak masuk 2nd lap round the tasik je dah mula cuak. its not that i havent done it before.. but still, cuak!!

And its a good thing i went ahead with it... bcos now i remember how great it feels to cross the 5th km :) its like i'm into the zone (cewah, perasan perasan hehehe). I did get into a glitch after the 7th tho.. my knees started making itself known (grumble grumble grumble lol). rupanye i was taking longer than usual strides and it was putting a strain on me ole joints. the moment i corrected it, the pain slowly went away :)

Heh. the way i'm feeling right now, i might even try 3 laps soon ;)

Oh and heres a pic of AF's stitches. we went to the clinic this morning for a 2nd opinion and the good doc took out the gauze and cleaned it up real good. the verdict - its a clean cut and shouldnt be a problem.

Syukur alhamdulillah :)

6 stitches!!

Abe - walaupun cedera aie dah pun dapat his 'idaman hati' so sekarang ni, like father like son la ekekeh!! thanks for making it all possible babe :D
AI - hope the brocolli & cheese turns out ok ;)

Workout Log
AM - 8k/forgot to time la/TSA

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A family of klutzes

.... yup, thats us alright lol (but golfman's the most stable of the lot and is usually the one picking us all up).

2 years back it was AI with his studiedly nonchalant statement, "oh and btw ma, i had my head knocked out by a ceiling fan last week but i'm ok".. and expecting to get away with it (which he knew wasnt happening after he heard my initial scream). sheesh, hostels these days seem to go for this lethal combination of low ceilings & bunk beds.

Today its AF's turn. in sweet dulcet tones (which should have triggered warning signals straight away but i'm feeling a little under the weather) he proceeded to inform me that he was leaking blood all over the tarmac bcos he had just banged his head into the pointed end of a steel awning, which according to him just came out of nowhere!! yeah right!!


My heart's in my throat. Bila jauh2 macam ni you cant help but imagine the worse. and the dreaded word - BLOOD!!

These are the things that knock you out flat when your man isnt around. you go into this temporary panic of 'omg omg nak buat apa ni, nak buat apa ni' before reality sinks in and you start getting a grip of the situation. nak tak nak you have to be strong bcos you are THE caretaker now.

And alhamdulillah after a visit to the doc's, he reports that even though the cut is deep (he did mention inner stitches and outer stitches whatever that means) its clean and he should be fine. and since he's been given medical leave till wednesday, he'll be coming home as planned.

Thank you oh most merciful God!!

Korang ni la, semput mama di buatnya tau -_-'

But then again syukur seribu syukur.. it could've been worse.

About AH's dreaded interview... it didnt materialise bcos the teachers had something on. its been postponed to an indefinate date, much to her 'prolonged' dismay. looks like she'll be on tenterhooks for a while lol

AI - how was your house-warming party dude? 'hangover' sampai petang nampak ekekeh (tapi kalau betul2 ma piuh telinga tu tau)!!
Abe - miss you and wishing you were here la yang.

Workout Log
Was thinking of running in the PM but i'm declaring a rest day... especially after a scare like that lol

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting the jitters

.. over an interview. i suppose its almost like a visit to the dentist, especially if you're hardly even 17!!

AH is having an interview at her school today and she was looking positively 'green' when i dropped her off this morning. apparently she was one of the 4 shortlisted for the prefect's board AJK Tertinggi. i can just imagine how nervous she must be feeling... that one's a contradiction of berani & takut both at the same time lol. but then maybe its a pretty normal thing for latent leos like her.

Will update later when she gets back from school :)

Oh btw i heard JAIS will be having a Larian Hijrah here in shah alam soon. it was scheduled for the 24th of January but its been postponed to March in conjunction with maulidur rasul. there are no details released as yet but for those interested you can keep checking at

Workout Log
AM - 4k/31mins/TSA

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For the guys

.. does any of this sound familiar?

- You're taking longer to recover from injuries and illness
- You've noticed you don't have as much physical stamina as you used to have
- You've put on a few pounds, and are feeling a little overweight
- You've had to get reading glasses to make out the small print (and all the print looks smaller), and you're getting so forgetful you can't remember where you put them
- You are feeling anxious about the future, or maybe you are just generally anxious and don't know exactly why
- You're feeling a little depressed, or maybe you have had a bout of clinical depression
- You have noticed you are more irritable, and more emotional in general
- You can't seem to make decisions as easily as you used to, and you have lost some confidence in your abilities. Life isn't as much fun as it used to be
- You have started to question the value of what you do for a living, and can't think of what would fire your passion
- You are not as interested in sex as you used to be, and you have experienced some changes in your sexuality that are worrying you
- Sex with your partner isn't as exciting as it used to be, and you find yourself daydreaming about having sex with other women, and are maybe masturbating more, and finding it more satisfying because you don't have to worry about not performing well
- You are having some problems in your marriage, or maybe you have recently been separated or divorced
- You feel as though you are dead inside, that the juice in your life is gone

Just as puberty is the transition from childhood to adulthood, midlife is the transition from the 'building stage' to the 'mature stage' of adult life and there are as many differences between these two halves of adult life as there are between childhood and first adulthood.

Every man, roughly between ages forty and sixty, begins to notice both physical and psychological changes. Some adapt to the changes reasonably well, and accept them as part of aging. Others find the changes very distressing.

(full write up at: )


Do you still harbour doubts about god's fairness?

We've always talked about menopause. but just as women have to grapple with problems relating to it, the men are not spared either. as age advances, waiting in the wings can be either midlife crisis or andro/viro/endo-pause.. where one is psychological, the other is physical.

'Male menopause' has been defined by some people as the hormonal, physiological and chemical changes which occur in men between 40 and 55/60. thats a whole lot of crap to begin with. and when you include midlife issues as well, it becomes one hell of a big change!!!

In the end, midlife is gender indifferent. it doesnt only effect the men, it's also rough on the women... bombarded incessantly by insecurities and fears, assailed mercilessly by hormonal imbalance, life can be just as challenging for the female of the species. so for middle age couples, the key to the whole thing is to be there for each other and not shut each other out.

And it pays to remember that the ones closest to you are the ones with your best interest at heart.

Its no secret that every one of us go through changes at every stage of our lives.. from puberty to adulthood to middle age to the golden years. change is necessary for us to move on to a higher level of existence. and when this happens, we usually have to deal with certain trials & tribulations. its unavoidable in a way. but i truly believe that if we go thru this stages with our eyes wide open and if we arm ourselves with knowledge & optimism, we will pull thru brilliantly.

Insyallah :)

Workout Log
AM - 4k/35mins/tasik SA (took it slow & easy).

Monday, January 12, 2009

My sayang

.. is now safe in 'our' apartment in ashgabat (and probably sleeping like a baby lol) after a looong delay in istanbul.

Finally. and seribu syukur that he's ok :)

But the delay was actually put to good use. the man is no longer a stranger to his facebook.. an account that we had registered together one fine night in shah alam, an account that he hasnt been able to access until lately.

So abe.. u're internet savvy now huh, with the new nokia n all ;p

There are a few changes coming the way of SMK Sek 9, or Niners as they call themselves. Bcos spm has been brought forward, related activities are now scheduled much earlier than usual. in less than a week, on the 17th to be exact, they will be having their school run and usually close at its heels will be the annual sports day.

Still on the subject of sports, seems that this year the school will be implementing Hogwarts like rules where House points will be carried to the end of the year when and the overall winner will then be ascertain. but along the way, points will be deducted for any misdeamenour on the part of the house members.

Somehow it just doesnt seem to be viable. not unless the school sustains the interest by systematically arranging games & sports activities throughout the year instead of completing everything in a mad rush. so far the annual sports day has always been the climax. it will be difficult for the students to look beyond that.

And loyalty to the sports houses has always been limited to.. well, sports. expecting the point deduction to actually work as a restrain to bad behaviour is being overly optimistic i think.

Ntah la rasa macam tak realistic je.

Workout Log
AM - 4k/30mins/tasik SA
PM - 1+k/a short jog to shell and back - AH & me, we both needed re-loads.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Barbaric mindset

My heart breaks everytime i think about the palestinian/israeli conflict.

Words desert me bcos its beyond atrocious.

Please read KakTeh's write up and the urgent appeal thats going round for the people of Gaza, especially the innocent & hapless children.

Every little bit counts... thank you.

Workout Log
AM - Impact aerobics/60mins/Dataran SA

Weekly Tally: 18km

Saturday, January 10, 2009


.... to me centers greatly around issues of responsibility and awareness of life's consequences. oblivion as well as ignorance are no longer options. its a time to not only claim our lives as our own but to also start making substantive contribution.

Last year my sons moved out of the teenage group leaving AH the only teen in the family. now at 24 and 21, 2009 sees both my boys firmly entrenched into the adult world. they are still my babies at heart.. but i can honestly say that whenever i look at them now, i truly see them as men. and unbidden, almost by magical cue, the respect for the male of the species falls into place and i hesitate to push them around as carelessly as i was prone to do before.

But of course i still expect the respect due to me as the mother who has loved, raised & nurtured them the best that she knew how all these years.. and who will continue doing so to the end of her days ;)

So guys, it is also in this capacity that i'm reminding you to keep firmly to your faith bcos it is without doubt, a most (if not the most) important factor in the realisation of a fruitful & meaningful life. be cautious of the myriad of temptations and bow not to impulse, it usually leads you to no good. and since both of you have gf's please remember, it does not pay to play with fire. yall still have a long way to go.. deal wisely with the passionate streak that runs strongly in this family.

Ingat my darlings, every action comes with consequences. ask yourself if you are truly ready to face them.

AH - the same goes with you too young lady :)

Moving on.. i was over at haza's and her 27k in shah alam inspired me enuf to get me off my butt and running, in the afternoon summore!!!! yea, lari petang, something that i always avoid bcos the heat saps away at my energy like theres no tomorrow. and i'm glad i did even tho it was hard going bcos i found out the seksyen 7 tasik track really is a viable alternative. at least i can break the monotony of the main tasik SA. and the tarmac really is better on the ole joints ;)

I love the main tasik (tho sometimes it can get a little monotonous. why? bcos i run there most of the time lol) but theres this one lil stretch of the track (the one right across the library) thats made of uneven stone blocks and is an absolute nightmare for an ole fart like me. especially one with weak ankles. gawd, everytime i hit that patch i kinda go into a tip-toe sorta mode and it wrecks havoc with my pace (cewah.. this makcik ada 'pace' la to wreck hehehe).

Anyways, one cant really have everything la kan?

Oh but i need new shoes. i really do. will it be nike or adidas? its usually a toss between the two.

Workout Log
PM - 2 loops @ 1.5k each/around 25mins/tasik seksyen 7

p.s. to muh man in istanbul, this one's for you babe ;p

Aku ingin merasakan belaian
Seperti yang ku idamkan
Dimana belaian yang ku impikan
Tak kunjung tiba
Seketika atau selamanya..
Janji terukir antara dua hati
Tanpa disedari
Rindu belaian di masa kesunyian
Mencengkam diri
Terdampar sepi
Bagaimanakah oh rasanya
Kau di hati untuk sekali lagi..
(Rindu Belaian - A. Zain)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Following the Path

.. of golfman has been quite interesting, even if i've only been able to do it virtually ;)

He's in istanbul right now and in all probability has gone to check out a palestinian/israeli demonstration at beyazit mosque, near istanbul university. i cant help wishing i was there to share that experience..bak kata orang jauh berjalan luas pandangan. he did his solat jumaat there and sempat sempurnakan solat jenazah as well.

A little about Beyazit Mosque (Beyazid Camii), Istanbul.



Built from 1500 to 1505 under Sultan Beyazit II, the Beyazit Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Istanbul. It is located next to Istanbul University and the Grand Bazaar in the center of a large 16th-century complex that includes schools and other buildings.

Construction on the Beyazit Mosque began in 1501, overseen by architect Yakubsah Bin Sultan. The mosque was built over the ruins of the Forum of Tauri built by the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius. The pavement of the courtyard and the pillars of the ablutions fountain are reused materials from the Forum.

The Beyazit Mosque was completed in 1506. Sultan Beyazit II died in 1512 and was buried in the gardens with his family.

What to See
The mosque's architecture is inspired by the Byzantine Ayasofya
, with a central dome, semi-domes, and a central prayer area with galleries. The dome is 16.78 meters in diameter (the Hagia Sophia's is 31m). Other elements were inspired by the Faith Mosque, such as the buttresses and columns alongside the dome.

The mosque was once at the center of a large complex, including a school (medrese), kitchen, caravanserai, hamam, and soup kitchen for the poor. The soup kitchen and caravanserai, on the left of the mosque, now house the Beyazit State Library, while the former medrese houses a school of calligraphy.

Quick Facts
Type of site: Mosque
Dates: 1501-06
Architecture: Ottoman
Status: Active
Architect: Yakubsah Bin Sultan
Location: Yeniçeriler Cad., across from Beyazit tramway stop

(from: )

Moving on.. AI suddenly turned up yesterday much to my delight. his presence (as well as the rest of the kiddoes) somehow helps to ease the heartache that missing his father always brings me. seems that he has plenty of free time this final semester since he only has lectures on tuesday & wednesdays!!! weh, relax giler dowh... anak, kalau tak score memang takde excuse ;)

After work i'm going to launch my attack on the den... the boys' wardrobes & study tables are coming down by days end, come rain or shine (memang tengah ribut pun kat luar tu hehehe)!!!

Wish me luck.. i sure hope i wont be straining or spraining anything in the process, but then alhamdulillah AI's around to lend me a muscle or two ekekeh :D

Abe - good luck with the mill visit... hati2 ya and luvya always!!

Workout Log
AM - 3K/25 mins/tasik SA

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A douche of cold water

.. first thing in the morning.

Yup, it sure felt that way. the moment i remembered i was supposed to hear from AI before i went beddy-byes, all the usual cobwebs cleared like magic. i then proceeded to feel like the poorest excuse of a mom ever to walk this earth bcos i didnt make sure he was back to the safety of his rented house before i fell asleep.

He told me he was going out to town to catch a movie. and i told him to enjoy himself but to pls inform me the moment he got back. i conked off before i heard from him.

One of my greatest fear (i have many) is that if something did happen to my loved ones, i failed to initiate some form of rescue by not being aware of their whereabouts in the 1st place.

I worry.... as a mother as well as a wife.

Its one of the reasons why i keep needing to know if my babies and their daddy are safely home for the day or not. theres not much i can do if yall have late nites out, thats your choice to make. and i'm honestly not trying to control your activities either. but for my own peace of mind, i really really need to know that you are all safely tucked in bed before the next day arrives.

It sort of absolves me from my responsibility.. of keeping yall safe.

So please my darlings, humour me and say your goodnites even if its at an ungodly hour ok!!

Workout Log
AM - 4k/31mins/tasik SA

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tralala lala

.. yup, i've been a busy lil bee indeed i have ;)


(But i'm still missing u la abe!!)


While golfman was in tashkent he stayed at the dedeman hotel and after indulging in a little googling, i soon realise that its located along the illustrious & historic silk road!

Ahh the silk road. the west has successfully implanted the imagery of rich silk and exotic oppulence into our minds at the mention of the name.

A trade route. how apt that a modern day trader like the hubs should be connected to it somehow... but incidentally, during that time it was also the means for a fast & effective spread of religion.

For those interested, here's a short read about the silk route in connection to the present.

The Present Day
The Silk Road, after a long period of hibernation, has been increasing in importance again recently.

The fight of man against the desert, one of the biggest problems for the early travellers, is finally gaining ground. There has been some progress in controlling the progress of the shifting sands, which had previously meant having to resite settlements. The construction of roads around the edges of the Taklimakan has eased access, and the discovery of large oil reserves under the desert has encouraged this development. The area is rapidly being industrialised, and Urumchi, the present capital of Xinjiang, has become a particularly unprepossessing Han Chinese industrial city.

The trade route itself is also being reopened. The sluggish trade between the peoples of Xinjiang and those of the Soviet Union has developed quickly; trade with the C.I.S. is picking up rapidly with a flourishing trade in consumer items as well as heavy industry. The new Central Asian republics had previously contributed much of the heavy industry of the former Soviet Union, with a reliance for consumer goods on Russia. Trade with China is therefore starting to fulfill this demand. This trading has been encouraged by the recent trend towards a `socialist market economy' in China, and the increasing freedom of movement being allowed, particularly for the minorities such as those in Xinjiang. Many of these nationalities are now participating in cross-border trade, regularly making the journey to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The railway connecting Lanzhou to Urumchi has been extended to the border with Kazakhstan, where on 12th September 1990 it was finally joined to the former Soviet railway system, providing an important route to the new republics and beyond. This Eurasian Continental Bridge, built to rival the Trans-Siberian Railway, has been constructed from LianYunGang city in Jiangsu province (on the East China coast) to Rotterdam; the first phase of this development has already been completed, and the official opening of the railway was held on 1st December 1992. It is already promised to be at least 20% cheaper than the route by sea, and at 11,000 kilometres is significantly shorter. From China the route passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, Byelorussia and Poland, before reaching Germany and the Netherlands. The double-tracking of the railway from Lanzhou to the border of the C.I.S. has now been put high on the Chinese development priority list.

Restoration and Tourism
Since the intervention of the West last century, interest has been growing in this ancient trade route. The books written by Stein, Hedin and others have brought the perceived oriental mystery of the route into western common knowledge. Instilled with such romantic ideals as following in the footsteps of Marco Polo, a rapidly increasing number of people have been interested in visiting these desolate places. Since China opened its doors to foreign tourists at the end of the 1970s, it has realised how much foreign currency can be brought to the country by tapping this tourist potential. This has encouraged the authorities to do their best to protect the remaining sites; restoration of many of the sites is presently underway. The Mogao grottos were probably the first place to attract this attention; the Dunhuang Research Institute has been studying and preserving the remains of the grottos, as well as what was left of the library. Restoration is presently underway; the outside of the grottos was faced in a special concrete to prevent further subsidence, and some of the murals are being touched up by a team of specially trained artists and craftsmen.

Archaeological excavations have been started by the Chinese where the foreigners laid off; significant finds have been produced from such sites as the Astana tombs, where the dead from the city of Gaochang were buried. Finds of murals and clothing amongst the grave goods have increased knowledge of life along the old Silk Road; the dryness of the climate has helped preserve the bodies of the dead, as well as their garments. There is still a lot to see around the Taklimakan, mostly in the form of damaged grottos and ruined cities. Whilst some people are drawn by the archaeology, others are attracted by the minority peoples; there are thirteen different races of people in the region, apart from the Han Chinese, from the Tibetans and Mongolians in the east of the region, to the Tajik, Kazakhs and Uzbeks in the west. Others are drawn to the mysterious cities such as Kashgar, where the Sunday market maintains much of the old Silk Road spirit, with people of many different nationalities selling everything from spice and wool to livestock and silver knives. Many of the present-day travellers are Japanese, visiting the places where their Buddhist religion passed on its way to Japan. Although Xinjiang is opening up, it is still not an easy place to travel around. Apart from the harsh climate and geography, many of the places are not fully open yet, and, perhaps understandably, the authorities are not keen on allowing foreigners to wander wherever they like, as Hedin and his successors had done. The desolation of the place makes it ideal for such aspects of modern life as rocket launching and nuclear bomb testing. Nevertheless, many sites can be reached without too much trouble, and there is still much to see.

From its birth before Christ, through the heights of the Tang dynasty, until its slow demise six to seven hundred years ago, the Silk Road has had a unique role in foreign trade and political relations, stretching far beyond the bounds of Asia itself. It has left its mark on the development of civilisations on both sides of the continent. However, the route has merely fallen into disuse; its story is far from over. With the latest developments, and the changes in political and economic systems, the edges of the Taklimakan may yet see international trade once again, on a scale considerably greater than that of old, the iron horse replacing the camels and horses of the past. (from: )

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AM - 4k/ 33mins/ tasik SA

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My first 4K in 2009

... and i cant help but be deliriously happy about it bcos 1. i'm out running in the morning again and 2. i can still do it in 30 mins even after the loong (almost 1 year) break, yay!!

A snails pace for others i know but for me, in the 3 years that i've been consistently hitting the pavement (2008 doesnt count bcos its been a nightmare of inconsistency), 30 mins have always been the best that i can put in, give and take a minute or two.


Puas :)

Now if i can only be disciplined enough to stick to it and start being consistent again.Which actually is the hard part... but then again, when there's a will, there's a way!!

But i'm not going to be too hard on myself. i am a 48 year old makcik who's ready & willing to trade the comfort of her couch for the hard pavement.. and although its highly unlikely i'll be trying anything more than my usual 10k, at least i'm out there hehehe.

And nope, i'm not going to push my body if its telling me otherwise either. if its one thing i've learned, it pays to listen to your body bcos it knows whats best for you. take the time to listen and you might just save yourself unwanted injury. especially at my age, injury is something you really really want to avoid bcos bouncing back.. might just take forever lol!!

All i want is to go about my life fit, happy & healthy.

So, wish me luck wont you ;)

And do wave when you see me huffing & puffing along!!

Abe - when the weather permits pls continue with the jogging k. now that you're on the right track, sayang kalau give up.. go abe go :D

Workout Log
AM - 4k/30mins/tasik SA.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to business

.. like it or not.

Time to gather all my wits and prepare for the task ahead. there is after all a grand reason why i'm here without my beloved, lets not lose sight of that. for better for worse, its been agreed i'm to be THE caretaker of his amanah here, so..

Lets just DO IT!!!

(but i'd still rather be with you babe!)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lets celebrate

.. a fresh start. a time for renewed hope, dreams & passion.

Happy Maal Hijrah 1430H & a spanking brand new year 2009... semoga baraqah!!

And welcome to :)