Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting the jitters

.. over an interview. i suppose its almost like a visit to the dentist, especially if you're hardly even 17!!

AH is having an interview at her school today and she was looking positively 'green' when i dropped her off this morning. apparently she was one of the 4 shortlisted for the prefect's board AJK Tertinggi. i can just imagine how nervous she must be feeling... that one's a contradiction of berani & takut both at the same time lol. but then maybe its a pretty normal thing for latent leos like her.

Will update later when she gets back from school :)

Oh btw i heard JAIS will be having a Larian Hijrah here in shah alam soon. it was scheduled for the 24th of January but its been postponed to March in conjunction with maulidur rasul. there are no details released as yet but for those interested you can keep checking at

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