Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

.. wishing all my chinese friends a Happy & Prosperous New Year !!

And as for the rest, enjoy the long weekend :)

The kiddoes left early (by their rather tardy standards that is lol) to join in the festivities with their friends.. they were meeting up with others in a convoy before making the CNY rounds. which left me to face the rather daunting prospect of attacking the rooms all on my own.. which i did.. and which later gave me a giant of a headache.

I was starting to feel a little sorry for myself when my SIL called out of the blue and asked me if i was interested in joining her for a bbq. hah.. was i ever hehehe!! ibaratkan orang ngantuk disorong bantal, apalagi orang sepi ni terus je la jawab nak!!! i was to bring dessert and i thought.. CAKE.. maybe choc on choc?!

Unfortunately my 'feel good' bubble burst the very next moment when mak said to me in her contrively off-handed way, "lepas ni nanti bila kau free tolong buangkan si mamat tu kat pasar?"


I happen to like mamat. he's a stray who now resides on my terrace.. and i dont have any grouses with the guy bcos he knows his place and seldom venture into the house. but he has this unfathomable love/hate relationship with mak. one minute she's stroking, petting and feeding him as if he's a roman emperor, the next minute she has nothing but harsh words for him.

Not wanting to add on to the tension already existing between the two of us, i just agreed to whatever crazy plan she had lined up for the poor sod.. and by late afternoon the terrace was officially without mamat. it will be extremely quiet now that mamat the yowler is gone.

Just for the record, the kiddoes dont think its all that fair to dump mamat either but they do agree that having peace and quiet in the domestic front was paramount... we wouldnt be hearing the end of it from mak otherwise. so with misgivings in my heart, i did what i had to do.

Hmmmm.. touch not the great Nicolei and all will still be well.

Anyways, i completely lost my mood after that and even burnt my choc cake. sigh. and i didnt feel like whipping up any fudgy frosting to cover it up so in the end i just bought a mini fruity cake & a mini cheesecake from baker's cottage.

Thank god for the bbq... not so much for the food but the company. it restored my sanity.

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