Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On the road to recovery

.. but AF is looking more and more like one of his Left for Dead zombies!!

Look for yourself and tell me i'm wrong?

After the stitches came out the wound didnt heal all that well and has to be cleaned every morning now. due to its most strategic position right at the very crown of his head, the doc had problems keeping the dressing on thus the spectacularly absurd, hulubalang like bandage thingy (i am really at a lost for words to call it lol) on his head.

It also kinda looks like he's wearing his undies on his head doesnt it ekekeh... sorry darling, ma usik je la ;)

Today is tha last day of AH's 2-day MC and its already back to tuition & stuff for her. it is after all her spm year and unlike the bros before her, she's already showing healthy signs of 'exam awareness'. for me, perbezaan ketara antara anak lelaki dan anak perempuan on such matters -
lelaki: "alaa, relek la ma exam lambat lagi laaa!!" sambil buat muka selambe derk.
perempuan: senyap2 tapi slowly buat kerja sbb takut (of spm) or malu (of doing badly).

Apapun mama sentiasa doakan yang terbaik untuk all of you :)

Abe - sorry to hear about the sore throat babe..drink lots of fluid k. at least your trip was a good one, aight?! (still missing you like crazy la..)
AI - you coming back tomorrow dude? drive safe will ya!!

Workout Log
Another rest day.. its that tak selesa time of the month again.


momilo said...

Mak aih ... the head injury looks quite bad. Hope he is ok now.

Justiffa said...

Momilo - scary kan? tapi alhamdulillah, so far so good :)