Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For the guys

.. does any of this sound familiar?

- You're taking longer to recover from injuries and illness
- You've noticed you don't have as much physical stamina as you used to have
- You've put on a few pounds, and are feeling a little overweight
- You've had to get reading glasses to make out the small print (and all the print looks smaller), and you're getting so forgetful you can't remember where you put them
- You are feeling anxious about the future, or maybe you are just generally anxious and don't know exactly why
- You're feeling a little depressed, or maybe you have had a bout of clinical depression
- You have noticed you are more irritable, and more emotional in general
- You can't seem to make decisions as easily as you used to, and you have lost some confidence in your abilities. Life isn't as much fun as it used to be
- You have started to question the value of what you do for a living, and can't think of what would fire your passion
- You are not as interested in sex as you used to be, and you have experienced some changes in your sexuality that are worrying you
- Sex with your partner isn't as exciting as it used to be, and you find yourself daydreaming about having sex with other women, and are maybe masturbating more, and finding it more satisfying because you don't have to worry about not performing well
- You are having some problems in your marriage, or maybe you have recently been separated or divorced
- You feel as though you are dead inside, that the juice in your life is gone

Just as puberty is the transition from childhood to adulthood, midlife is the transition from the 'building stage' to the 'mature stage' of adult life and there are as many differences between these two halves of adult life as there are between childhood and first adulthood.

Every man, roughly between ages forty and sixty, begins to notice both physical and psychological changes. Some adapt to the changes reasonably well, and accept them as part of aging. Others find the changes very distressing.

(full write up at: http://www.malehealth.co.uk/userpage1.cfm?item_id=125 )


Do you still harbour doubts about god's fairness?

We've always talked about menopause. but just as women have to grapple with problems relating to it, the men are not spared either. as age advances, waiting in the wings can be either midlife crisis or andro/viro/endo-pause.. where one is psychological, the other is physical.

'Male menopause' has been defined by some people as the hormonal, physiological and chemical changes which occur in men between 40 and 55/60. thats a whole lot of crap to begin with. and when you include midlife issues as well, it becomes one hell of a big change!!!

In the end, midlife is gender indifferent. it doesnt only effect the men, it's also rough on the women... bombarded incessantly by insecurities and fears, assailed mercilessly by hormonal imbalance, life can be just as challenging for the female of the species. so for middle age couples, the key to the whole thing is to be there for each other and not shut each other out.

And it pays to remember that the ones closest to you are the ones with your best interest at heart.

Its no secret that every one of us go through changes at every stage of our lives.. from puberty to adulthood to middle age to the golden years. change is necessary for us to move on to a higher level of existence. and when this happens, we usually have to deal with certain trials & tribulations. its unavoidable in a way. but i truly believe that if we go thru this stages with our eyes wide open and if we arm ourselves with knowledge & optimism, we will pull thru brilliantly.

Insyallah :)

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