Thursday, January 15, 2009

A family of klutzes

.... yup, thats us alright lol (but golfman's the most stable of the lot and is usually the one picking us all up).

2 years back it was AI with his studiedly nonchalant statement, "oh and btw ma, i had my head knocked out by a ceiling fan last week but i'm ok".. and expecting to get away with it (which he knew wasnt happening after he heard my initial scream). sheesh, hostels these days seem to go for this lethal combination of low ceilings & bunk beds.

Today its AF's turn. in sweet dulcet tones (which should have triggered warning signals straight away but i'm feeling a little under the weather) he proceeded to inform me that he was leaking blood all over the tarmac bcos he had just banged his head into the pointed end of a steel awning, which according to him just came out of nowhere!! yeah right!!


My heart's in my throat. Bila jauh2 macam ni you cant help but imagine the worse. and the dreaded word - BLOOD!!

These are the things that knock you out flat when your man isnt around. you go into this temporary panic of 'omg omg nak buat apa ni, nak buat apa ni' before reality sinks in and you start getting a grip of the situation. nak tak nak you have to be strong bcos you are THE caretaker now.

And alhamdulillah after a visit to the doc's, he reports that even though the cut is deep (he did mention inner stitches and outer stitches whatever that means) its clean and he should be fine. and since he's been given medical leave till wednesday, he'll be coming home as planned.

Thank you oh most merciful God!!

Korang ni la, semput mama di buatnya tau -_-'

But then again syukur seribu syukur.. it could've been worse.

About AH's dreaded interview... it didnt materialise bcos the teachers had something on. its been postponed to an indefinate date, much to her 'prolonged' dismay. looks like she'll be on tenterhooks for a while lol

AI - how was your house-warming party dude? 'hangover' sampai petang nampak ekekeh (tapi kalau betul2 ma piuh telinga tu tau)!!
Abe - miss you and wishing you were here la yang.

Workout Log
Was thinking of running in the PM but i'm declaring a rest day... especially after a scare like that lol


PoetryGirl said...

I love AF : )

Justiffa said...

Hehehe welcome to the club ;p