Thursday, January 8, 2009

A douche of cold water

.. first thing in the morning.

Yup, it sure felt that way. the moment i remembered i was supposed to hear from AI before i went beddy-byes, all the usual cobwebs cleared like magic. i then proceeded to feel like the poorest excuse of a mom ever to walk this earth bcos i didnt make sure he was back to the safety of his rented house before i fell asleep.

He told me he was going out to town to catch a movie. and i told him to enjoy himself but to pls inform me the moment he got back. i conked off before i heard from him.

One of my greatest fear (i have many) is that if something did happen to my loved ones, i failed to initiate some form of rescue by not being aware of their whereabouts in the 1st place.

I worry.... as a mother as well as a wife.

Its one of the reasons why i keep needing to know if my babies and their daddy are safely home for the day or not. theres not much i can do if yall have late nites out, thats your choice to make. and i'm honestly not trying to control your activities either. but for my own peace of mind, i really really need to know that you are all safely tucked in bed before the next day arrives.

It sort of absolves me from my responsibility.. of keeping yall safe.

So please my darlings, humour me and say your goodnites even if its at an ungodly hour ok!!

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