Monday, January 12, 2009

My sayang

.. is now safe in 'our' apartment in ashgabat (and probably sleeping like a baby lol) after a looong delay in istanbul.

Finally. and seribu syukur that he's ok :)

But the delay was actually put to good use. the man is no longer a stranger to his facebook.. an account that we had registered together one fine night in shah alam, an account that he hasnt been able to access until lately.

So abe.. u're internet savvy now huh, with the new nokia n all ;p

There are a few changes coming the way of SMK Sek 9, or Niners as they call themselves. Bcos spm has been brought forward, related activities are now scheduled much earlier than usual. in less than a week, on the 17th to be exact, they will be having their school run and usually close at its heels will be the annual sports day.

Still on the subject of sports, seems that this year the school will be implementing Hogwarts like rules where House points will be carried to the end of the year when and the overall winner will then be ascertain. but along the way, points will be deducted for any misdeamenour on the part of the house members.

Somehow it just doesnt seem to be viable. not unless the school sustains the interest by systematically arranging games & sports activities throughout the year instead of completing everything in a mad rush. so far the annual sports day has always been the climax. it will be difficult for the students to look beyond that.

And loyalty to the sports houses has always been limited to.. well, sports. expecting the point deduction to actually work as a restrain to bad behaviour is being overly optimistic i think.

Ntah la rasa macam tak realistic je.

Workout Log
AM - 4k/30mins/tasik SA
PM - 1+k/a short jog to shell and back - AH & me, we both needed re-loads.

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