Saturday, January 10, 2009


.... to me centers greatly around issues of responsibility and awareness of life's consequences. oblivion as well as ignorance are no longer options. its a time to not only claim our lives as our own but to also start making substantive contribution.

Last year my sons moved out of the teenage group leaving AH the only teen in the family. now at 24 and 21, 2009 sees both my boys firmly entrenched into the adult world. they are still my babies at heart.. but i can honestly say that whenever i look at them now, i truly see them as men. and unbidden, almost by magical cue, the respect for the male of the species falls into place and i hesitate to push them around as carelessly as i was prone to do before.

But of course i still expect the respect due to me as the mother who has loved, raised & nurtured them the best that she knew how all these years.. and who will continue doing so to the end of her days ;)

So guys, it is also in this capacity that i'm reminding you to keep firmly to your faith bcos it is without doubt, a most (if not the most) important factor in the realisation of a fruitful & meaningful life. be cautious of the myriad of temptations and bow not to impulse, it usually leads you to no good. and since both of you have gf's please remember, it does not pay to play with fire. yall still have a long way to go.. deal wisely with the passionate streak that runs strongly in this family.

Ingat my darlings, every action comes with consequences. ask yourself if you are truly ready to face them.

AH - the same goes with you too young lady :)

Moving on.. i was over at haza's and her 27k in shah alam inspired me enuf to get me off my butt and running, in the afternoon summore!!!! yea, lari petang, something that i always avoid bcos the heat saps away at my energy like theres no tomorrow. and i'm glad i did even tho it was hard going bcos i found out the seksyen 7 tasik track really is a viable alternative. at least i can break the monotony of the main tasik SA. and the tarmac really is better on the ole joints ;)

I love the main tasik (tho sometimes it can get a little monotonous. why? bcos i run there most of the time lol) but theres this one lil stretch of the track (the one right across the library) thats made of uneven stone blocks and is an absolute nightmare for an ole fart like me. especially one with weak ankles. gawd, everytime i hit that patch i kinda go into a tip-toe sorta mode and it wrecks havoc with my pace (cewah.. this makcik ada 'pace' la to wreck hehehe).

Anyways, one cant really have everything la kan?

Oh but i need new shoes. i really do. will it be nike or adidas? its usually a toss between the two.

Workout Log
PM - 2 loops @ 1.5k each/around 25mins/tasik seksyen 7

p.s. to muh man in istanbul, this one's for you babe ;p

Aku ingin merasakan belaian
Seperti yang ku idamkan
Dimana belaian yang ku impikan
Tak kunjung tiba
Seketika atau selamanya..
Janji terukir antara dua hati
Tanpa disedari
Rindu belaian di masa kesunyian
Mencengkam diri
Terdampar sepi
Bagaimanakah oh rasanya
Kau di hati untuk sekali lagi..
(Rindu Belaian - A. Zain)


Kak Teh said...

Waduhhh, selepas nasihat lari-lari ada pula nyanyian dedikasi untuk yang tersayang. Macam cerita hindustan gitu.

Thanks for jogging for me. I feel a bit lighter.

My abe pun leaving for Geneva tomorrow - ingatkan bak ikut - tapi -alahai - tiga empat hari saja - buang duit.

I have one who is still in his teenage years but is quite matured. But I have two who are in 20's tapi macam budak2! cant have everything.

Justiffa said...

KT - hindustani? but i dont think i can do the menari-nari bawah pokok kelapa & golek2 on the grass thingy la ekekeh!!

And ur welcome..hopefully 'we' will be doing a lot more huffing & puffing this year ;)