Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One stinky makcik

.. but thats just the way it is lol!!

Because its always such a mad rush in the mornings i cant seem to avoid going to work all sweaty and stinky.. at least the morning half that is. ferrying a kid to school, running and getting to work on time can be quite challenging (picture this dark apparition the likes of a dementor charging madly towards the clockin scanner with only seconds to spare). i used to carry around my little black carry-all so that i could have a quick shower and a change of clothes. otherwise its business as usual with my black abaya deceptively covering my pants & tshirt ;)

More often than not the pile of files staring demandingly at me from my desk prevents even a short visit to the loo so i usually end up stinky till lunch. thats when i get to go back and become all presentable again.

So beware.. never come see me in the mornings bcos you sure as hell might regret it lol. i love my morning runs too much to change anything (unless the people here start giving me ultimatums - go change or we'll take away your favourite coffee mug - maybe then i'd reconsider ekekeh!!)

I'm also quite euphoric this morning.. 1. i went to bed with a leaky nose and incessant sneezing, and i thought for sure i'd be down with flu or something. thank god it all cleared up when i woke up.. must've just been the horrific dust from beating the stoopid carpets. 2. i might be losing another kg but i dare not chalk it down as 54 just yet bcos it doesnt seem quite that stable on the mark.. might just be fluids but the possibility is there, yay! 3. golfman might be coming home on a short visit.. he has meetings lined up in kl, double yay!!

Abe - this 3 days will be nothing but pure torture :(

Workout Log
AM - 3k/25mins/TSA


Anonymous said...


nice pic of the golfman. i cant update my blog, the wall of fire is pretty strong....



Justiffa said...

Hah!! no wonder the posts have been more than a little slow lately. Yup, when they start firing up 'em walls there goes most of the fun..and they know it!!

Any way of breaching the damn thing?

Anonymous said...


as of today, like the walls of jericho, it came down and there was no need for any trumpets. hope it lasts...

since he was ungracious enough to have the chance to go home before i did, as a punishment, there must be something difficult enough for him to bring back for me. let me think....



Justiffa said...

Hahaha.. go easy on the poor guy will ya ;)

Nak apa ya DS? akan kami cuba usahakan insyallah :D