Sunday, January 29, 2012


Its already January would you believe?  i've given up trying to play catch-up with time he3... so just bring it on ;-))

I dont really know why or how but the words have stopped flowing, from my head to my fingers to the page.  its now just a jumbled up mess, each word vying for my attention and in the end not one is making much sense lol.

But i need to think so that my brain will continue creating the all important synapses, god forbid i lose my marbles so early hua3.  so bear with me while i try to find my way back to writing again.  no, i was never much good at it but at least it served as an outlet for me to express my thoughts & feelings.  dams have been known to burst their banks if their spillways get clogged up lol.

Bukit Broga - Jan 2012

So be seeing ya peeps.. insyallah :-))