Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mobile updates

Finally I figured out the way to update my blog via my phone.  No big deal for most but kinda complicated for this macik lol.  my head even feels warm, like the batteries of my cellphone, the grey matter lodged between my two ears has a tendency to overheat ha3.

One of the main reasons for abandoning my laptop is the easy access to my pics.  what is a blog post without accompanying photos right? after all a picture really is worth a thousand words (and a godsend when ur mind suddenly shuts down and goes blank on u lol).

What have I been up to u might wonder.  well, nothing much actually but one thing's for sure, growing old-er is indeed pretty challenging. .. both physically & emotionally.  at the end of the day, theres plenty that u just hafta accept as part of the deal, of coming that much closer to the end.

Anyways, why dwell on the inevitable, life is to be lived, it'll end when it ends lol.  Till then theres still so much to be done :)