Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pre race jitters

I know i've been away for awhile but lets just jump right into it shall we?

Nothing better than the 'now' right hehehe ;)

I'm feeling more than a little anxious this morning.  its a beautiful, bright sun shiny day, dont get me wrong... its just that tomorrow, tomorrow i'll be running a race and when it comes to races i tend to lose whatever cool i have and become this jittery moron.

Resah. seriau. cuak. langsung tak boleh rileks.

It'll be my 1st half marathon.  i'll be running 21km on sunday morning with others who like me, are equally addicted to pounding the tarmac.  although my running has only taken me as far as 16km but i know i'm good for it. insyallah finishing it will not be a problem, acing it at a respectable time is of course another matter altogether haha.  but i'm just aiming to finish it on my feet, still up... and running :)

So, the jitters & anxiety arent really warranted.  i shouldnt be feeling this way mainly bcos 1. i have been running for some time now (since 2005) and i have been quite consistent at it, give and take a few short breaks. 2. i'm not competitive and am not trying to prove anything or make any kind of statement. sooo it shouldnt matter and i should just look at it as just another run right?

My 1st race in 2005 - Shah Alam 10k Run

Heh, i wish!!

Well at least i had a good nites sleep bcos for sure i wont be getting any winks tonite huahua.

For better for worse, PJ Half Marathon, here i come ;p

Hopefully, i'll be up & about to write about it hehehe.. wish me well peeps :)