Friday, January 16, 2009

My 1st 8k for 2009

.. hehehe i did it, i broke the 1 lap barrier ;)

Gawd, it feels good!!! like i said before, its usually all in the mind (but of course la it has to be achievable in the first place). legaaa. selagi tak buat, my old fart's brain will keep on telling me otherwise. everytime nak masuk 2nd lap round the tasik je dah mula cuak. its not that i havent done it before.. but still, cuak!!

And its a good thing i went ahead with it... bcos now i remember how great it feels to cross the 5th km :) its like i'm into the zone (cewah, perasan perasan hehehe). I did get into a glitch after the 7th tho.. my knees started making itself known (grumble grumble grumble lol). rupanye i was taking longer than usual strides and it was putting a strain on me ole joints. the moment i corrected it, the pain slowly went away :)

Heh. the way i'm feeling right now, i might even try 3 laps soon ;)

Oh and heres a pic of AF's stitches. we went to the clinic this morning for a 2nd opinion and the good doc took out the gauze and cleaned it up real good. the verdict - its a clean cut and shouldnt be a problem.

Syukur alhamdulillah :)

6 stitches!!

Abe - walaupun cedera aie dah pun dapat his 'idaman hati' so sekarang ni, like father like son la ekekeh!! thanks for making it all possible babe :D
AI - hope the brocolli & cheese turns out ok ;)

Workout Log
AM - 8k/forgot to time la/TSA


Ordinary Superhero said...

New home?
Hope your son is doing OK. Suspen jugak, main kepala nih.

Justiffa said...

OS!!!! ltns :) ha ah rumah baru.. welcome welcome!

Mmg suspen giler but so far so good. he seems quite ok.. we're really hoping for the best. Hope u n urs are doing well :)

Kak Teh said...

Oh no!!! That looks scary, but judging from your tone, he must be ok.
and an update from moi...still faithfully WIIing and enjoying it. An hr a day and I'm thinking, why didnt I do it earlier. Am really enjoying it.

Justiffa said...

KT - he's doing ok and the stitches came out yesterday! not as cleancut as one would like it to be but ok i guess.

And KT stick with it ok..whats an hour anyway, right hehehe ;) go KT go!!