Friday, January 23, 2009

Latest head pic

..showing great improvement :)

Believe me it was much much worse!

Today was beyond chaotic. i had on my schedule a v.o. committee meeting as well as separate discussions with the retender contractors. bcos yesterday was already hectic enough with the pulau indah site visit and all, i decided that i really needed my morning run.

Yup, brinking on madness considering the tight schedule but i was stressed with work, missing my husband & getting a little desperate. i had to sweat it out somehow if i wanted to keep my sanity.

So off i went, sticking diligently to my timing and all was going well except that.. i never bargained for a flat tyre!!

I'd already done my very short, cool down session and was about to get into the car when i noticed my flat. aduh, it sent my timing straight to hell!! fortunately for me my adik2 buah at the office was more than willing to help out but the car wasnt in the mood to cooperate.. after taking out all the nuts & screws (or whatever you call 'em things), they just couldnt get the tyre off!! the freakin' thing just refused to budge even though the guys were kicking at it like there was no tomorrow!!

They were nonplused but since my tyres were tubeless and it wasnt totally & completely flat, they put the screws right back and i then drove to the nearest tyre/workshop. at least their pride was salvaged when the foremen himself couldnt get the tyre off at first go either lol!!

Something about the parts rusting?

Anyway all this meant time slipping by and time was one thing i didnt really have this morning. in the end due to interventions of the AlMighty kind, the committee meeting was postponed and the tenders couldnt be sold, which meant i didnt have to meet up with the contractors just yet.


It could've been a disaster... but instead it was manageable chaos, thank god :)

Abe - AI got in yesterday so the kiddoes are all home... i just wish that vacant chair at our dinning table would stop taunting me tho. anyway, good luck with the vips babe.

Workout Log
AM - 4k/30mins/TSA

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