Monday, May 25, 2009

PUBLIC ALERT: Kidnappers on the loose

My day was kick-started by a shocking sms, especially so because t'was from a friend, a close friend and not the forwarded stuff you usually find in ur inbox.

Word for word SMS received from Z, long time friend, officemate, teman senasib (another 'isteri yg ditinggal2kan') and not to mention the fact that her cubicle is right next to mine:

Saya EL (emergency leave) hari ni. ptg semlm nzm (her 12 yr old son who physically, is taller than both his mom & me) hilang. jam 930 mlm baru jumpa. pkerja petronas jumpa dia kt petronas tepi highway yg tlg hantar ke guard kondo blakang rumah kami (seksyen 7, shah alam). rupanya dia kena tarik masuk van masa nk gi taman. kat t/light ke pdg jawa dia terjun dr van. dia masih ketakutan x mau kluar bilik pun. kjap lg nk gi klinik dia sakit kena tndang masa dlm van. apapun syukur dia slamat dn saya masih dpt peluk dia.

When you read things like this in the papers or hear it in the news you cant help but feel a certain sense of disassociation, the distance between you and the victim making it a little 'unreal'. well, not this time. i found myself shaking uncontrollably immediately after i read her sms... as a mom i can so easily understand what she's going thru. her last sentence is especially heartrending.

When i called, she was still too traumatized to provide details so i'll have to leave that for later.

Apapun parents out there pls take note. the target is not just helpless little kids anymore... desperate times breed desperation, anything and anyone goes!!


Anonymous said...

OMG, JT, syukur he came home unharmed! Was this taman the sek7 lake? Truth be told, after a runner friend got groped by mat rempits in sek7 I am so scared of running in shah alam alone now. Thanks for sharing.

Justiffa said...

Ya Allah runner pun nak grope? what is the world turning into, tak tau la akak :( no, bukan taman yang kat tasik sek 7 tu tp taman yg blakang surau of the older seksyen 7 (tak ingat nama jalan).

i'm thinking seksyen 7 is rife with this sort of activities sbb senang nak buat 'get-away' - easy access to fed highway n others via jalan dalam.

Kak Teh said...

RK, this is really scary! Buat report tak? I worry when my little nieces and nephews cycle to shops and around the neighbourhood.

Justiffa said...

KT - Yup dh buat report and osso bwh pemerhatian polis bcos he's the-kid-that-got-away and the kidnappers might still harbour malice & intent. sian budak tu, there was altogether 5 of them and diorang tendang terajang & used knives to intimidate.

The scary part is they dont plan the kidnappings anymore.. its all random acts now where kids just CANNOT be at the wrong place, at the wrong time!!

"bapak kaya tak? kalau kaya saya simpan kalau miskin saya bunuh..." or words to that effect!! its just too much..