Saturday, May 9, 2009


.. from across the seas ;)

I almost gave in to the cosy comfort of my bed this morning but the thought of golfman's hike up the turkmen hillside got me out in a jiffy. before he left, we did make a pact to keep ourselves fit for each other (cewah.. ekekeh).

So off i went on a run to match his - my 8k against his 8.5k hike.

And it was kinda hardgoing. the weather here has been pretty hot & humid, something that doesnt go down well with mid-age makciks like me who runs out of steam in relentless heat. and i did start out kinda late (thanks to the 'nak pegi ke tak nak pegi ke' debate i was having with myself earlier). lucky for me somewhere along the 7k stretch i heard loud, glorious (actually bingit was more appropriate lol) music which could only mean one thing - an aerobic session in progress!!!

Sure enough it was another one of those PKNS sessions that seem to just pop out of the blue so i stopped to shake my booty for about 30 mins. rather slow but it was a welcomed break... i really was feeling the heat from the constant pavement pounding.

Little did i realise i was actually inviting trouble by doing that. when i resumed where i left off, i suddenly developed one of the most excruciating sidestiches i've ever had... one that almost stopped me in my tracks. slowing down to almost a crawl (dah memang slow pun in the first place) i took deep breathes while slowly massaging the painful area and surprisingly enough the pain just slowly eased away leaving me to finish my 8k in a slow trot.

An almost 'gentle' reminder not to take my body too much for granted.

Ok... noted :D

Later in the day the kiddoes dragged me off to sunway pyramid for a lepak session and since movies was on the agenda, i didnt really put up a fight.. the dark theatre seemed like a good place to rest :) i wanted to see hunky wolverine in action but since daro is 'under age' (and we were not in the mood to berlakon that she was older) we all settled for star trek instead. it was ok i suppose but i didnt like the way they treated the 'spock' thing... letting the old spock meet the young spock just didnt jive with the general concept of 'parallel universe'.

I'm still getting me wolverine's dvd though ;)

Workout Log (HERS)
AM - 7+1k/55+10mins/TSA
AM - Aerobics/30mins/slow

Workout Log (HIS)
AM - 8.5k Hike/2hr45

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