Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have declared 2013 as the year of my first marathon.  and my target was clear, my full marathon 'virginity' will be lost at SCKLM 2013 which is scheduled sometime in june (and whose registration will incidentally commence at 6pm today).

A good solid plan with enough time to train and prepare the ole body for the arduous task ahead.

But as usual, life is full of surprises and the unexpected.  it mocks our well laid plans and reminds us that we're never really in control.  who would have thought that 2013 would also mark the launch of a maiden 'all women' running event.  that it would showcase the inaugral malaysia women marathon.

And to make matters even more tempting for me, it'll be held right here in my backyard!!!!!!!!

The question now is, do i have enough time? do i really really have enough time to train, not to set PBs or good timing, but to finish with as little suffering as possible bcos i had taken prudent steps in making sure my body was prepared.

Yup i'm sooo tempted that throwing caution to the wind is starting to sound like a good idea.

But another curve ball thrown my way has helped me make my final decision, one that under the circumstances, i have to accept as the best option.

At best, i had 3 months to train for the MWM which was cutting it rather close but still doable considering my solid running base BUT factor in an unexpected bout of shingles which has been keeping me out of commission for the past 2 weeks (and according to the doc i'm to expect another week of lethargy)...and what does that actually leave me? 7 weeks? for a full marathon?

Heck, i'm not a member of the casket team,  their motto being, no training, period.

I wanna run, i wanna keep running well into my 'older' age... and i wanna do it pain free.  is that possible? i think it is and looking at people like teresa goh gives me hope that i can do it too, god willing.

So with that, i have decided that even though it pains me to say this considering the run has all the things i hold very dear to my heart, i will be doing a half mara at the MWM 2013 and my full marathon at the SCKLM 2013.

Training as planned, thank god :)


Ordinary Superhero said...

InshaAllah. You go for it Kak Justi

Justiffa said...

OS - tq dear, u hv always been among those who hv been there for me ;)