Saturday, February 2, 2013

A setback

I've always ignorantly thought that shingles or herpes zoster or kayap was in some way related to personal hygiene.  i mistakenly assumed that kayap & kurap came from the same family. that if you're not careful especially when you're stuck in a tropical climate with high humidity like ours, almost perfect conditions for the breeding of fungus & the like, you might just be unlucky enough to get such a thing.

Well, goes to show just how much i know about stuff like that lol.

Imagine my surprise when i was told its actually a manifestation of repressed chicken pox virus rearing its ugly head after staying dormant in your body for years.  and that the triggers include, hitting your 50s or getting overly stressed or having a compromised immune system or worse still, having all three.

I was putting all blame on my premenopausal state... the fatigue, the listlessness, the aches & pain, the temperature fluctuations, the restlessness.  then came the sores, the itch, the blistering pain and back to itch again.  a trip to the doc confirmed that i had shingles.

Shingles/ herpes zoster/ Kayap - more info HERE

Slideshow of images HERE

Surprisingly i was on mc for more than 2 weeks. i never realised that it was a serious thing and that i would be feeling like shit for all that time.  its an extremely irritable & painful condition to be in and most of the time you just want to stay cocoon in your room with the aircond at full blast and with the barest minimum of clothing possible.

It doesnt help that we're going thru some kind of heatwave right now, and the afternoons are crazy hot and the evenings like warrm pudding.

But what irks me most is drowning in this sea of fatigue & lethargic listlessness.  and any attempts at running, cycling, or swimming leaves me tired beyond belief.  and yes, i'm starting to feel 'old'.

I know i'll bounce back, i'll make sure i do... but this time, its going to take longer than usual.


lina said...

Oh no!

Take care and get better soon!

A couple of my 50 something colleagues suffered the same too. o.O

Justiffa said...

Yeah not something that i would wish on anyone, not even my worse enemy... and talk about bad timing huhuhuhu.

But thx lina, and soon kenot be soon enuf.

edan syah said...

Salam aunty, harap aunty cepat sembuh. yang berlaku pasti ada hikmah. sy pun sedang memuhasabah diri. moga aunty kembali aktif insyaAllah. first marathon this year? nanti nak minta aunty msg sy no hp. sy takde no aunty. thanks tc :)

Ordinary Superhero said...

No worries, you always come back stronger! Take care

June Malik said...

Laa gf kena shingles ke ..its mighty painful, i had it .. apa yang i tak kena kan? u need rest for sure, zaps your energy. take care, real good care k. hugs and love ya

Oldstock said...

Now here's something I didn't know... had always thought that shingles is some kind of roof covering... *malu kejap*

Hope you get well soon...

Justiffa said...

Edannnnn kemane kamu, trus menghilang... hope u have everything sorted out by now edan and i wish u all the best of luck, always. take care k.

Justiffa said...

OS - akak dah byk slow down skrg hehehe but life goes on ya :)

Justiffa said...

Luvya back juney <3 <3

Justiffa said...

Heepppp notti kamu oldstock *terbayang mini shingles, as in roof covering, all over my skin* @_@