Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Under the radar

My boys..

Both goofy.. both emo lol.

I wonder what they're up to? i mean i know where they are and what they're doing - its a weekday so cikgu would be in one of his classes teaching & since its semester break, topman's probably still sleeping or doing something for his opah (though he'll be grumbling to no end, he'll still be doing it.. thats just the way he is lol).

But what are they really up to? what's going on in that male brain of theirs?  now that they're both young men, i'm sure theres an awful lot that they're keeping from their mama ;p

Pandai-pandai la jaga diri my darlings..  bcos eventually you'll hafta jaga anak orang pulak hehehe.


Oldstock said...

Yo guys,

Go do something crazy to raise your mom's BP, hehehe.... :-)

Justiffa said...

Heeeey.. 'uncle' oldstock is being eeeeeee-vil!!!!

Me ole ticker might not be able to take it la lol ;p