Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Out of the blue

Gah.. what were my bosses thinking!!

Just escaped from a high level meeting by the skin of my teeth.  all the bosses had prior engagements (hmmmm)  so it was left up to me to explain the 10% increase for the friggin' v.o.'s.  now theres a reason why i stayed a 'pegawai kumpulan sokongan' all this many many years.


i. do. not. need. the. added. responsibilities!!

[and for those who have misconstrued the meaning of that statement -  i have no intention of absolving any of my responsibilities at work but i have not pursued my career to make way for:  a 'missing' husband, a sick mother, a dependent MIL, 3 hormonally charged young adults & running a household on my own. tqvm]

Good thing i ran this morning. the state of well being helped calm my frayed nerves. somewhat.

AF - congrats on your confirmation oh cikgu dear :D
AI - good luck with todays paper k, mesti bole punye la. really appreciate the fact you still melayan abang altho i know you'd rather be home. saaaaaayang ijat (and aie & esoh & abah osso la hehehe).
AH - sooooooo nak tinggalkan mama la ni ek? ;p
AA - take deep breaths and relaaaaaaax  babe (advice i should be giving to myself lol).

4k/seksyen 9


Oldstock said...

Heheheh... tell me something about bosses that I don't already know.

Justiffa said...

Tu la kan.. susah2 jd je bos ek ;p

There are days when i wish i was a beach bum collecting shells or sumthing haish.

Anonymous said...

If not happy ask n apply for a new working envirnment.A new place is good for your soul!


Justiffa said...

Wah wawa.. pandai omputih nampak ;p

Sebagai pegawai kerajaan, especially one from 'kumpulan sokongan' the term 'saya yg menurut perintah' applies throughout one's service but then again that doesnt mean one cannot complaint la!!

And yes, probly i'm too old for all of this and should just pencen heheheh :D