Monday, May 3, 2010

Breaking down

They just dont make 'em like they used to anymore!!


Even my friggin' astro decoder!!

Everything seems to fall apart that much easier these days.

Sad isnt it?

And i just had to fork out RM115 for the replacement of motherboards and what-have-you's from my decoder.  and its actually my 2nd decoder, an 'upgrade' from astro (upgrade la sangat!). the astro repair guy was telling me that nothing beats the ,bulky old ones (the one that i had before i was 'upgraded').. these newer (smaller versions) are a little cikai sensitive and has a tendency to malfunction.

2 weeks of completely lousy reception (to which i initially thought was due to bad weather) was actually a prelude to total meltdown.

Without the hubs, or afc, or discovery or csi, my labour weekend would've been a downright waste if not for the kids (they dragged me to sunway) and my gratifyingly satisfying (or does satisfyingly gratifying sound much better lol?) workouts for 3 straight days - friday, sat & sunday.

Now if i can only keep up the momentum. need to work harder at minimising the possibilities of 'malfunctioning' ;p

Anyways, heres to a productive, happy & healthy week ahead for all of us :D

 2k/sek 9/just to kickstart the day lol


Ordinary Superhero said...

heh house still the bulky black Astro decoder, but I have lost count the number of time we have changed the remote!

Oldstock said...

You tak terus amik Astro Byond ke Justiffa? They would give you a new decoder and take your old one away, but of course you have to top up a bit on the subscription each month.

Justiffa said...

Tu la OS, i should've just stuck to my black box :(

And kitorang pun sama.. n kalau la remote tu bole menjerit, it would've brought my house down looong ago hehehe.

Justiffa said...

Nak gak oldstock but must upgrade the tv first la.. we're still using the timbang kati bulky tvs here hik2 ;p

Oldstock said...

Ooops... forgot about that part of it, hehehe...

chakry said...

strange, even our decoder crashed the other day. :(