Friday, April 30, 2010

Fare thee well

Golfman's away for the weekend.. him & his buddies are off chasing 'em little white balls all over the green. and as most hardcore golfers would attest, its social suicide to bring your wife along on one of these trips so.. here i am, alone again, the proverbial 'golf widow' lol.

Its not enuf that he leaves me for work haish.  but then again a man needs his fun so its ok.. so long as he's not chasing after skirts as well  (bcos i know just the place to shove those shiny clubs of his ekekekeh) ;p


Lookit what i found right beside me when i woke up this morning.  

Schweet furry lil nicolei snoring away like theres no tomorrow hehehehe.  he must've jumped up and settled himself on daddy's side of the bed while i was busy dreaming of racing buggies with the hubs (and winning of course) lol.

It was quite a rush after that bcos there was a farewell at the office and i needed to bring something for potluck.  and as usual, when nothing else comes to mind then its meehoon goreng time, the simplest thing on the menu!! 
Apparently everyone was feeling pretty active this morning bcos the buffet table was overflowing with food.. and as i type this post, so am i hehehe *burp* oops 'scuse me!!

Farewell & birthday together.

To Mar, heres wishing you the very best in life mwaaah3. maaf akak kuat ngusik ;p


June Malik said...

hmm i must show this to zaki in case dia kat sini ada skirts involved he knows what will happen to him LOL .. kita ni overimaginative ntah2 dia orang lagi risau tinggal kita? hahaah.. the meehoon looks yummy ..

Justiffa said...

Juney dah sampai JB ke? so hows the new place, good neighbourhood for running or not?

Ekekekeh.. zaki will have a fit ;p

June Malik said...

hmm i loike the juney thingie :) .. yep in jb again, will only see hse tomorrow when we move in, tonite hotel still, can do a tiffa ;p) will update about place. cant wait.

lol, i am so gonna show him hhihii

Justiffa said...

Looks like ada org tido lena la mlm ni, got teman one ;p

But take care k... with the FMV preparation & running up n down JB/Klg, last thing u wanna do is get sick. so eat well & have enuf rest gf!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Justiffa said...

Thx for dropping by tagskie :D