Saturday, April 17, 2010


Finally some me time :D

Knowing that the kids would be waking up late after an all nite long gaming session, i took my own sweet time this morning. after my usual weekend run of 2 loops, i briskwalked for another 4km back & forth along the shady track beside the masjid (its pretty cool there).

Heh.. puas.

Cooling down, i even managed a little reminiscing.

Part of the tasik, museum, library & wisma mbsa.
Back in the early 80's the consulting firm i worked for landed themselves the shah alam core project, mainly the museum & library. i remember staying back for overtime till the wee hours untill we got all the documents out.. and during those days of minimum commitment, working hard meant more rm's to splurge on lol.

Yours truly circa 80's

Ironically only after more than 10 years of civil service was i able to match whatever it was that i took home then lol.  but of course you had to be willing to put in the long hours and me, i was never an ambituous career always came first.

But really.. those were the days lol.

8km weekend run/TSA
4km briskwalk/TSA


June Malik said...

phewittt cik tipah bergetah babe :) wah u did 12k for maintenance, i ni yang gatal click 1km pun tak lari dah 13 hari, and i might stay here till wednesday .. memang giler yikes ..

Justiffa said...

Alaaa june.. dun worry, anak mami semangat kental ;p insyallah you'll make up for lost time. i'm sure what you lack in mileage you'll overcome with determination.. go june bond go!!

Bergetah? hahaha dah lama i tak dengar tu ;D

Ordinary Superhero said...

Bergetah? I second to that! Take care.

Justiffa said...

Kelakor la uols ni ekekekeh ;p

Hope you'll be back with loved ones ASAP OS..sian akak tenguk tersadai camtu :(

June Malik said...

i think bergetah is the highest compliment a women can get ;p) .. zaman dulu punya puji2an, i like it hehe .. i am hitting the tm esuk kat gym .. cant stand it anymore haha ..

Justiffa said...

Mmg zaman dolu2..our kids mesti tercengang2 tak paham heheheh

Dont fret, just do what u can in ur cicumstances.