Thursday, April 22, 2010

More of Nico

First & foremost Nicolei is a self proclaim 'muka tembuk' lol.. he looooves sunning out on my ledge.

 Nico the 'muka tembok'

Snoozing is his favourite pastime... any time, any where.


Although he's become a lazy ole coot sometimes his curiousity still gets the better of him.

Nico meets Cico

 Nico caught 'watering' the neighbour's car

 Nico in the bathroom taking a peep.

 Nico playing footsie with mummy.

He's a sporting guy even though he gets bullied an awful lot.

He's trimmed & bathed almost every month

He's groomed & henna-ed when mummy's in the mood.

And made to model almost anything (even a tudung lol)

And although he tends to sleep on the job, he still manages to keep on top of things. 

Looking after mummy's bag

Comfortably perched atop AH's homework.

But whatever he may be, to us here nico is the best-est cat in the whole wide world :D

Nicolei 2010


Cheryl said...

must show my daughterlah. mesti she geram Nico - sooooooooo lovable.

Justiffa said... lovers unite yay :D

Btw just to share, when we were in istanbul the stray cats there were soooooo big & fat!! tak mcm kat sini dirty & scrawny je kan. we wondered why, rupa2nye the makciks there always carry spare dry cat food in their handbags!! patut la ;p