Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"Makan.. selagi selera", said a friend ;p

Just sharing some random pics from my phone of what the family's been consuming.  without doubt, we're a family united by food lol.

 @ An eatery in istanbul
Iskender kebab
Doner kebab

With salad & lentil soup.

Kunefe - very sweet turkish dessert.

@ Pasta de gohan, sunway
Squid ink pasta

Salad with raw salmon

 Seafood pizza

@ Japanese restaurant, shah alam mall.

Shashimi moriawase

Unagi Donburi (in background)
 Tempura & gyoza

Gyu Katsu with rice

Gyuniku soba

@ williams, pj
 Chicken ravioli swamped in creamy gravy

 Nasi goreng softshell crab

  Dory or cordon bleu?

@ A stall in k. lipis
Pulut sambal daging

Cikgu's fav

@ home sweet home ;p
Clockwise.. marinated:

Sizzling hot..
tastes better berebut2 lol

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