Thursday, April 8, 2010


To survive one must remain 'anjal'.. able & willing to make adjustments to suit the current conditions. and like an old elastic band, i find myself not as flexi as i used to be no matter how hard i try. and theres also the need to exercise some caution bcos typical of old and worn plastic, theres always a tendency to just snap.

Which means we not only must be attuned to our surroundings, we must also know our limits.

And where am i going with this?

I honestly dont know lol. but i've been bogged down with work for weeks now and have been trying to maneuvre my way around temperamental bosses and unyielding datelines.  and although we know that the path of least resistance is the easiest and that rolling with the punches help, there are days when, whatever we do, we still get bruised anyway.

Then theres also the matter of having to be the vivacious vamp with the man around.  dah la balik sekali sekala, surely i cant just let him come home to another tired & listless face now can i?  so the stress build-up has to be dealt with. and the balance restored.

To feel good, I need my workouts and to have my workouts, i need the time, something thats in limited supply lately.

Which brings us back full circle to the subject of 'anjal'.

Since i cant leave early for the tasik bcos AH goes to work at 8am, i've started running round the neighbourhood again.  i stopped doing so mainly bcos i dont enjoy being barked at by guarddogs.. it disturbs me & makes me feel somewhat vulnerable (being attacked scares me shitless lol).  i've also identified a workable route of about 1.5km per loop and the good thing about it barking dogs yay. number of loops = time available which means by starting out earlier i get to run more.

For now i can forget about my aerobic classes.  the extra hours at the office sees me going back well after 7pm leaving not much else  but enough time to fix the man his dinner.. he's obviously had enough of his own cooking, lol.

So thats the plan for now. until the next 'anjal' time that is ;p


June Malik said...

i know how it is to juggle work and home, done that before, maybe u shd follow my footsteps now and be a home minister? hihi .. u can tune the anjal-ity more :) i have to be really anjal the next few months, that stupid click, dank!

Justiffa said...

I'm working on it june.. mmg dah tak sabo nak pencen awal ni. in fact seawal mungkin :D

Anonymous said...


his cooking is not bad, i should know, ha ha...



Justiffa said...

H, i've yet to savour his 'air tangan'... ;p