Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sama tapi tak serupa

Public speaking scares the hell outta me.  give me the floor and my brain freezes over like a pond in winter. whatever grey matter that i have between my ears will instantly crystalize into a solid unyielding mass.  i have yet to escape looking nothing less than a moron.

The only exception is when someone hands me a script or some form of prepared text.  in the event of which i would then gleefully deliver the speech.. like a pro, with all the right pauses, inflection & intonation. BUT dont ever expect me to deviate from whats been given OR heaven forbid, ad-lib. bcos its back to the frozen pond for me then. i'd much rather sing lol.

Which is in complete contrast to AH who welcomes the opportunity to express her views & opinion.  she not only steers clear of any notes, she actually thrives on spontaneity!! which makes her a fun speaker i suppose, the sort that usually wins over the crowd (but not the judges la). 

Enjoying the differences

So its of no surprise that she sailed thru her interviews pleased as punch, leaving me the nervous wreck lol.

Yesterday she was amongst the many hopefuls trying their luck for the mara sponsorship, under the spc programme.  this time i didnt have to leave shah alam. anggerik mall is the home of mara selangor and similar to its counterpart in kl, offers a myriad of mara related services and is also the venue of several bumiputera businesses.  i havent really had the opportunity to check the shops out other than bak tailor, reknown for its huge selection of baju melayu.

Registration at the lobby area.
Seated are the parents/family.

She was in the 4pm group and surprisingly was done by 5.10pm, which gave me a good reason not to stay back after work.  its been some time since i last left at 5.30

"Jom lepak2 kat sacc yang.." said i.

She'd gone to work, rushed thru lunch...  and attended the interview. surely she'd be all strung up by now.

Something must have showed on my face.  maybe it was the concern over her wellbeing or the stress of running around. or both.

"Ma... interviews dont faze me la, dun worry, i'm ok" said she.

And she proceeded to fill me in on the details. 

Heh.  she had a fun time alright lol. i should've known better than to worry over daddy's lil giant ;p

Abe - remember that area where they had the raya sale? 2 of the panels were around there while 4 more were on the 3rd floor. it wasnt as packed as i expected, thank god :)
AF - yay yay esok aie balik!!
AI - dude you've been working sooo hard la, ma nampak. like i said fret not what you cant change but then pulun habis2an what you can ;p
AH - you've done ur best, now doa je banyak2 k.


xplorer said...

salam justiffa good luck , scholarship utk overseas study ke

Justiffa said...

Ha ah xplorer gitu la kira2nye :)

Thx.. akan akak sampaikan good luck tu pd tuan badan.