Sunday, April 25, 2010

A lazy sunday

Golfman had an afternoon game lined up so we agreed to jog in the morning.  i forgoed my usual aerobics at the dataran bcos golfman has never really been all that comfortable jumping about like a monkey lol.

But once we set out to jog at the tasik he changed his mind and decided to briskwalk instead. and after a couple of metres the briskwalking turned into a lazy stroll lol.  his excuse - nak simpan energy for the game.  ha ah ye ler tu.. its just one of those lazy sundays la hehehe ;p we then went on to breakfast at the pasar seksyen 6, where the nasi lemak & roti canai is rather good. and where the choice of kueh & fresh fruits is endless.

When he left for his game, the kiddoes and me went on to jusco bukit raja for a short ronda2 session.  AH's fav handbag was peeling away (thats what happens to pvc but the designs are trendier) and AI was looking for shirts to wear to lectures.  and i guess it was one of those days when nothing could go wrong... bcos they both got what they wanted! i'm sure we all have those days when we're thwarted at every turn and every choice we make just dont come in the colour or the size that we want.

We came home happy. even golfman.. bcos he'd won his rounds :D

I hope you & yours had a great weekend too. 

And i leave you with this snippet of AH singing what is turning out to be one of my favourite covers ;p

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